Articles of Non-Homogeneous Tokens

60-page chart data takes you to understand the NFT industry in 2019

Source: DappReview Guide: This article is the "2019 NFT Annual Report" written by, published on February 21, translated and edited by DappReview partners. This report shows the changes and development of the ERC-721 type NFT in the Ethereum ecology in the past year with intuitive numbers and charts from different dimensions. Some of the […]

What if your visa is an NFT?

Author: 0x29 Source: BlockBeats Non-homogeneity tokens (NFT) recent high heat, there should be two reasons, the development of their own good, coupled with the "peer off", such as Even in blessing Fomo 3d halo, even in the case of referral marketing guru Sun Yuchen, even after the user an unprecedented degree of attention, the […]

Why have non-homogeneous tokens not yet had a chance to erupt in the crypto world?

Author: Lu distant Source: Lao Lu's Blockchain Notes Foreword : 2019 is almost over. Most of the well-known blockchain games this year are TCG (GodsUnchainedCards). These games have attracted more attention and are more exquisite than previous games. With the low frequency of TCG game asset exchanges and the good support of wallet tools, they […]

Dry Goods | Revalidation Proof vs. Error Proof

Author: Avihu Levy & Uri Kolodny Translation & Proofreading: Anzai C1int & A Jian Source: Ethereum enthusiasts -Photo courtesy of Artur Tumasjan from Unsplash- Lead In recent months, more and more attention has been paid to Optimistic Rollup (OR), an expansion framework based on Fault Proof. We at StarkWare use Validity Proofs (VP) because it […]