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Technology Viewpoint | Want to develop dApp with Wasm? You have to read the introductory tutorial (1)

In the previous technical point of view article, we introduced how to implement a simple red envelope contract in C++ to help developers understand how to use C++ language to develop contracts on Ontology. In addition, we have briefly introduced development considerations for using the Rust language. In this technical point of view and later […]

Technical Perspectives | Python Smart Contract Tutorial Native Contract Call

01 lead In the previous issue, we introduced the contract execution API for the Ontology Python Smart Contract . In this issue we will discuss how to make native native contract calls through the Native API . The most typical function of a native contract call is contract transfer , which is the core part […]

Technical Guide | Teach you to discuss Wasm contract development: (C++)

Ontology Wasm has received a lot of attention from community developers since its launch . The launch of Wasm will reduce the cost of dApp contracting for complex business logic and greatly enrich the dApp ecosystem. When developing Wasm contracts, developers can use not only Rust, but also C++ as a contract development language. In […]

Technical Perspectives | Reflections on Citation Dynamic Language Object Models in Virtual Machines

1 introduction Ontology's NeoVM virtual machine has added several new instructions such as DCALL, HAS_KEY, KEYS, and VALUES. Therefore, the design of NeoVM-based citation dynamic language objects is theoretically feasible, which enables current language support to be closer to native semantics. The necessity of object model design   Ontology NeoVM has four object semantics exposed […]

Pre-sale analysis of the ontology "Encryption Throne" and interpretation of the game foreground

Source: Force Field Sand Sculpture Life The ontology "Encryption Throne Endless World" is in hot sale, because I played the encryption throne EOS version before, so I still know about this game, so I also participated in the pre-sale of the game for the first time. The pre-sale for a total of seven days, divided […]