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Japan-Korea exchange stolen, U.S. sanctions Chinese OTC money changer? 3800BTC transaction reveals the process behind

Recently, the U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced that two Chinese citizens have been sanctioned for helping North Korean Lazarus hacking team to launder money through the Bitcoin OTC business. According to information disclosed by OFAC, the amount involved has reached 9,100 Ten thousand U.S. dollars. A sanctioned Chinese citizen stated […]

The digital currency exchange has been caught in the throat by the legal currency.

Under the premise of a constant total circulation, money acts as a catalyst for rapidly transforming production materials into capital, and wherever it flows, it is possible to obtain a rapid rise. For the current digital currency market with a market capitalization of only $220 billion, the absorption of traditional funds is a short- and […]

BiClub realizes full automation of OTC platform and helps build a large-scale digital asset financial service system

In the early hours of Beijing time yesterday, BiClub ( , WeChat biclubcom) team has completed a key step in the OTC automated trading – functional testing of automatic payment. At this point, BiClub's OTC platform has been able to support the full automation of the acceptor, including automatic collection of money and automatic […]

OTC market research: the “paradise” of money launderers?

Overview Overview Bloomberg reported that according to TABB Group research, the daily over-the-counter market (OTC) in April 2018 was between $250 million and $30 billion. In contrast, according to Coinmarketcap's data, the cryptocurrency exchange's daily transaction volume is about $15 billion. However, due to the lack of real and effective statistics, the number of reports […]

Babbitt Depth | Xing Shi asked "the most" OTC, the old money entered the crisis

OTC (Over the Counter), also known as the over-the-counter market, has been mentioned more and more this year. For example: Bit Continental Wu Jihan, Ge Yueyu co-founded Matrixport, laid out the OTC market; Plustoken MLM was arrested overseas, OKex, Firecoin OTC lay gun; OTC trading volume is 3 times that of the exchange, the price […]

Matrixport officially operates, Wu Jihan is targeting professional bitcoin dealers this time.

According to Bloomberg News on July 8, the new company Matrixport, the co-founder of Bitland, Wu Jihan, officially opened its operations today. It is reported that the CEO of Matrixport is Ge Yueyu, who said that Wu Jihan's latest attempt is to establish a one-stop platform for digital assets over-the-counter trading, lending and hosting. In […]