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Kleiman sues Aoben Cong case: testimony is dismissed, Ownen Cong may have to pay 550,000 BTC

On August 26, in the trial of Kleiman and Ao Ben Cong, Ou Ben Cong’s testimony was rejected. According to people familiar with the matter, Judge Bruce Reinhart advised the plaintiff to receive 50% bitcoin held by Oban Tseng before December 31, 2013 and 50% of intellectual property related to Bitcoin software. It is estimated […]

Twitter Featured: BSV soars 200%, EOS parent company brings 65 times earnings to investors

01 U.S. Copyright Office "Certified" Oban Cong CSW as author of Bitcoin White Paper Last night, a news about the U.S. Copyright Office’s recognition of Own Cong’s CW as the author of Bitcoin White Paper triggered a hot debate in the community. The price of bsv also rose from 60 US dollars to a maximum […]

CSW is recognized by the US Copyright Office as Nakamoto, but is the community promised?

Anyone can register any work, but if the real owner of a work finds you registered his/her work, then you will be sued in court. Craig S. Wright has completed the US copyright registration for the original Bitcoin white paper and most of the original code (version 0.1). Importantly, Craig S. Wright, the pseudonym of […]

Has Aoben got the BTC white paper and code copyright? No, Babbitt reveals the truth for you.

According to Coingeek's report on the evening of May 21, Craig S. Wright has obtained the US copyright registration for the original Bitcoin white paper and most of the original Bitcoin code (version 0.1). The registration document issued by the US Copyright Office acknowledges that Ozon is the author of the white paper and code. […]

Unless Aoben Cong can sleep for a year, he is not Nakamoto.

The community is really hard. Craig Wright couldn't have been Satoshi's point of view in the encryption community for a while, and community members collected a compelling series of data: pointing out false statements, backtracking PGP keys, and weird The patent application behavior (Ao Ben Cong has applied for 155 blockchain related patents in the […]

Ao Ben Cong has finally got into a big trouble. Do you dare to hold BSV?

Ao Bencong, who is known as the "Zhongben Cong" deity, has always been keen on engaging in news and occasionally making some noise. Just a few days ago, Oban was claiming to sue Hodlonaut (the founder of Lightning Torch) who often slandered him, and even offered a reward of $5,000 to get the true identity […]

A million words from the bottom of Ao Bencong: a lie that is collapsing

Satoshi Nakamoto: According to the personal information on the P2P Foundation website, "his" birthday is April 5, 1975, and is now 45 years old. Craig Wright: Born in October 1970, this year is 48 years old. The Chinese call it "Ao Ben Cong." Dave Kleiman: Born in 1965, died of MRSA-infected heart disease on April […]

Twitter annual drama! Encryption community

Who is “Ao Ben Cong”? Craig Steven Wright, from Australia. In 2016, he claimed to be “Zhongben Cong” and even got the confirmation of Bitcoin core team member Gavin Anderson. Since then, he has become famous in the currency circle. Although he has not been able to provide conclusive evidence of himself, he has always […]