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Substrate minimalist summary: features, features and consensus

Source of this article: PolkaWorld , original title "Substrate Minimalist Summary" Author: DmitriyKashitsyn Translation: PolkaWorld Community Today we will discuss Substrate, a library that can help you build your own custom blockchain. Substrate was developed by ParityTech and also provides the foundation for Polkadot. What is Substrate? Explanation from the Oxford Dictionary: A substance or […]

No avatar! Parity announces abandonment of Ethereum client and focus on Polkadot

Parity Technologies will no longer operate the Parity Ethereum client, which is the second largest Ethereum client after Geth. Instead, the company announced today that it will transfer ownership of the code base and maintenance of the project to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), OpenEthereum DAO. The move represents a further alienation of Parity from […]

Parity forgot an EIP during the Ethereum hard fork upgrade

Ethereum client Parity issued an urgent announcement admitting that they forgot to include an EIP (Ethereum Improvement Proposal) in the latest upgrade. The announcement was surprising, and Parity said that their 2.5.11-stable version was an emergency patch, and they prepared it soon after realizing the error. The patch will add a missing part called eip1344_transition […]

The Ethereum Parity client exposes RPC security vulnerabilities and users need to upgrade as soon as possible.

According to foreign media, a code leak that could cause the computer to shut down appeared in the popular Ethereum Parity client. The Ethereum client Parity connects more than 3,000 computer servers worldwide to the Ethereum blockchain network. Image source: On Thursday, Parity Technologies released updated code to fix the bug. The company is a […]

Blockchain Research Lab | Creating Ink Smart Contracts Based on Substrate

Parity's Substrate blockchain framework has made good progress in the final version development. Ink is Parity's solution for writing smart contracts for Substrate-based blockchains. Like Substrate, Ink is built on top of Rust, so it follows the Rust language rules and syntax. This article will introduce an example of copying an ERC721 token in a […]