Articles of pass-through economy

Babbitt column | Incentive noise: talk about the impact of the economy

Pass is a new thing, and it can play a role in many aspects. For example, the most obvious is the quantification and incentive effect, so that some people say that the pass-through economy is a subversion of human production relations. I personally also believe in the great significance of the CIS economy to society, […]

Meng Yan: Analysis of the Difficulties in the Design of the Economic Model of Double-passed Cards

Many people think that the double-layer pass design is an equity pass plus a circulation pass, and the corresponding nodes can be excited in the place of the incentive. But in practice, how to determine the main incentive role in the design, how to design the circulation of the certificate, how to design the governance […]

Web3.0's Business Model Transformation and General Economic Investment Logic

The business model transformation since the birth of the computer, from hardware sales to the sale of licensed software usage rights to the data collection after the open source, business giants from IBM to Microsoft to Facebook have gone through more than one time, and the future business The logic will be based more on […]

Babbitt column | The general economics will subvert the company system?

The pass-through economy is a very important concept in the field of blockchain. There are many big rumors that are very optimistic about the CIS economy. They think that the most important thing that the blockchain ultimately contributes to society is the pass-through economy. Providing people with a strong collaboration model that accurately quantifies the […]

Yuandao talks about the blockchain new world 1234: one day, two banks, three countries, four coins

Since the beginning of 2019, many multinational companies have been involved in the blockchain field. JPM Co., the largest financial services institution in the United States, has launched JPM Coin, an encryption digital currency, for real-time settlement of payment transactions between customers. The stable currency FacebookCoin (FBC) will be issued. IBM has signed a letter […]