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Babbitt column | Analysis of the difference between the total amount of certificates and the distribution methods of different projects

I. Introduction The blockchain industry is popular in saying that if the traditional assets are solid and liquid, then the certificate should be gaseous. On the one hand, the transaction and circulation efficiency of the certificate is very high. On the other hand, the issuance method of the certificate is also very flexible. At present, […]

Industry Research Report | Blockchain Derivatives Overview: Rapid Development, Risk Symbiosis

Overview Overview Financial derivatives are an important part of the financial market, and financial derivatives trading has developed into a very mature trading method internationally. The blockchain is considered to be a technological force that has revolutionized the future of finance and its industrial ecology. Although the development time of various types of digital pass […]

How to measure the value of Token from the cost?

Compilation: Orange Book How to value and price a Crypto project has always been a problem, and Placeholder managing partner Joel Monegro believes that from a cost perspective, it may be possible to find a reasonable answer. He believes that the value of Token lies in its production cost and capital cost. For most projects […]

Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, in conjunction with Microsoft, IBM, etc., launched a general classification of standards to promote cross-platform transactions

According to Cointelegraph on November 5th, the Token Taxonomy Initiative (TTI) announced a standardized framework for building a certificate. Currently, the project has opened its Common Criteria Classification Framework (TTF) to the public. It is said that the framework will provide definitions for the passes that are applied in different scenarios. (Source: pixabay ) TTI […]

The blockchain industry is in trouble, where is the road to break?

Author: Robin Source: X-Order In the past half year of 19 years, BTC has steadily increased from 3k at the beginning of the year to the current million. Recently, it has dropped back to 8k. It will be felt that chatting with friends in other industries will bring good returns this year. Bitcoin price chart […]

Viewpoint | Blockchain don't pass the pass?

The pass was once considered the soul of the blockchain system and the bearer of the rights of different entities in the blockchain system. However, after 2017, with the upsurge in the blockchain, the card has become a financing token issued by various projects in the name of the blockchain through ICO. However, such tokens […]

The world's first blockchain loan landed, Chengdu enterprises started with ant blockchain

On the one hand, it is difficult for small and micro enterprises to borrow from upstream and downstream, and on the other hand, the "radish chapter" incident is constantly exposed, and supply chain financial accidents frequently occur. Faced with the supply chain financial cycle that has caused headaches in the industry, Alipay has used blockchain […]

14 banks, 5 kinds of certificates: Fnality creates a missing link in the inter-bank blockchain system

The UK project, called Utility Settlement Coin (USC), is developing a blockchain version of the five major French dollars, the US dollar, the Canadian dollar, the British pound, the Japanese yen and the euro. The team, led by former Deutsche Bank executive Rhomaios Ram, has ample budget and has just raised nearly $63.2 million through […]

Getting started with blockchain | The phone or computer with the wallet installed is broken, is the currency gone?

A few days ago, Dabai’s good friend Xiaohe ran over and worried about the white: the mobile phone with the wallet installed was broken, and it could not be turned on. It could not be repaired. Is the Token in the wallet gone? Presumably, many of the small partners who have just touched the blockchain […]

The fourth exploration of the valuation of the certificate: looking for the Holy Grail, scientific valuation guide

Guide Looking back on the history of stock valuation development, the evolution of valuation methods is full of ups and downs. When Internet companies emerged, traditional valuation methods failed. In the face of new things, investors are inevitably stunned. The same problems have been encountered today. Summary The PTO investors urgently need a practical valuation […]