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A number of state-owned banks disclosed the 2019 annual report: How do major banks deploy blockchain?

Source: 52cbdc Editor's Note: The original title was "The Age of Smart Financial Services, and see how major state-owned banks lay out blockchain!" 》 Blockchain empowers the financial field, and has long been highly hopeful. At present, financial services are one of the industries with the most blockchain technology landing projects and the richest scenarios, […]

Research Report | Central Bank Digital Currency Watch: Looking at the "Super Currency" Blueprint through Patents

Summary The central bank has been studying legal digital currency for a long time, and its introduction is coming soon. The People's Bank of China (hereinafter referred to as the "Central Bank") has been studying legal digital currencies since 2014. At the end of 2019, Caijing said that the Central Bank's digital currency (Digital Currency […]

Bank Blockchain Application and Case Analysis Report: Analysis from Patent Perspective, Screening 7 Application Scenarios

Author: Ren Wansheng Production: Joint release by Zero One Think Tank & Digital Asset Research Institute Editor's Note: The original title was "Bank Blockchain Application and Case Analysis Report" Due to the particularity and strong supervision of the financial industry, it is difficult for technology companies to directly obtain the real and comprehensive business pain […]

Babbitt column 丨 Patent or open source, how to choose a blockchain project?

1. Popular patents and "useless" patents In the traditional industry, if a company applies for a patent, it is a very good thing, especially for a specific enterprise in a specific industry, such as an industrial manufacturing enterprise. If it is an invention patent, it is even better. Many companies, after having their own patents, […]

Patent VS Open Source: How does China change lanes in the blockchain field?

Author: Robin Source: Generation The historical development is so dramatic. A few weeks ago, the blockchain industry was chilling, and it was instantly ignited by a major policy of the country. In the near future, the promotion of various regulations, the mainstream media's crackdown on non-compliant blockchain projects, and the rapid cooling of the blockchain […]

Russian Federal Savings Bank receives blockchain patents to reduce counterparty risk in the repo process

According to Cointelegraph on November 21st, Russia's largest bank, the Russian Federal Savings Bank (Sberbank), was the first to introduce a blockchain-based repo solution. (Source: pixabay ) According to a notice issued by the Russian Federal Savings Bank on November 19th, the bank has obtained a patent for the above solution, which enables the repurchase […]

Korea's largest credit card patent blockchain payment system

According to the Korea Times, South Korea's leading credit card company Shinhan Card has obtained a patent for the blockchain payment system, English local media. According to the report, the company used a new patented technology to establish a blockchain-driven credit transaction process, allowing for the setting of spending limits, monthly instalments and execution payments. […]