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Twitter selection | The first SEC compliance ICO still breaks 50%, retail investors are bruised

Source: Wildflowers 01 Paypal CEO said that he only holds bitcoin, Paypal withdraws from Libra because it can't meet demand Paypal CEO Dan Schulman said in an interview with Fortune Magazine that he holds digital currency but only bitcoin. (Note: Another high-profile executive who says he only holds Bitcoin is Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Jack […]

Payment giant PayPal officially withdraws from Facebook's Libra project

According to the Wall Street Journal, PayPal officially withdrew from Facebook's Libra Stabilization Coin project. A PayPal spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal that the company "made a decision to abandon further participation," adding that it still supports Libra's mission and will continue to explore ways to collaborate between the two companies in the future. […]

Heavy! PayPal or Libra project that will quit Facebook

According to the Financial Times, three people familiar with the matter said that payment giant PayPal is about to withdraw from Facebook's Libra project. On Thursday, Facebook convened 28 founding members of the Libra Association, the governing body of the project, to discuss how Libra will respond to the growing opposition from regulators. But one […]

PayPal Director: Bitcoin has at least 50% chance of success, and if successful, it will reach $1 million

While in many ways Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies may become PayPal's significant competitors, a member of PayPal's board of directors recently proposed a reason why he saw the future direction of cryptocurrencies, in particular, he believes Bitcoin is very It is likely to be successful and widely adopted in the next 10 years. Image […]

Payment giant PayPal first involved in the blockchain investment and participated in the Cambridge Blockchain A round of financing

According to "Forbes" reported on April 2, the US PayPal participated in the start-up company Cambridge Blockchain A round of financing. Just as Bitcoin can store value without a bank, the Cambridge blockchain is committed to providing individuals with an online identity and does not require intermediate media such as Facebook. (from: This is the […]