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PlusToken still has more than 60,000 BTC unsuccessfully transferred, or it will affect the crypto market

Source of this article: Caiyun Blockchain Author: iris5625 Editor's Note: The original title was "More than 60,000 Bitcoins still have not been successfully transferred in the PlusToken fund scam" According to digital asset survey company OXT Research, PlusToken, known as the largest money scam in the currency circle, may still have 61,229 bitcoins (valued at […]

Every time PlusToken changes, the crypto market is stormy?

A butterfly in the tropical rainforest of the Amazon Basin in South America, occasionally flapping its wings, can cause a tornado in Texas, USA, two weeks later. ——Edward Lorenz, American meteorologist, 1963. Author: Gray 49 degrees Edit: Black Earth Source: Carbon Chain Value (ID: cc-value) In June 2019, PlusToken, the "butterfly" in the cryptocurrency industry […]

Demystifying the secret flow of funds: the idle fish, Alipay, 58 cities, Baidu Post Bar are "occupied"

Text: Pizza Source: A blockchain Since 2019, funds under the banner of blockchain have appeared continuously. The data shows that with only one token of PlusToken, the number of victims exceeded 1 million, and the amount involved was as high as 20 billion yuan. Where did these funds come from? One channel is the traditional […]

2020 spotlight: PlusToken, a $ 2 billion Ponzi scheme, may become a cloud over bitcoin prices

Author: Chainalysis Translator: Lu Jiangfei Source: ChainNews ChainNews   The demise of a cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme that totaled $ 2 billion in 2019 could have a lasting effect on the price of Bitcoin in 2020. This scam is PlusToken, which may be the biggest Ponzi scheme ever. PlusToken was born in 2018. At that time, […]

Tracking: Where did most of the assets of Plustoken go?

Original title: Huobi's involvement in the PlusToken Ponzi scheme Source: The Block Author: LARRY CERMAK Although the fund project PlusToken collapsed in June this year, billions of assets were involved in it, and countless people lost their money. However, the question of how many assets are involved and how many have been sold by the […]

Comment: When Ding Crab meets PlusToken, is it possible to invest in metaphysics?

In 1992, Hong Kong TVB broadcasted a TV series starring Zheng Shaoqiu, "The Great Era", and the villain character "Ding Crab" made huge profits by shorting the Hang Seng Index Futures to the stock market when the stock price plummeted. Since then, as long as there are TV dramas, movies, and even variety shows starring […]

PlusToken launches a large number of chain transactions again, transferring 20,000 ETH

Author: Xianyue Wu Source: Longhash In July of this year, LongHash reported on the news of the famous money running project PlusToken running in the currency circle. At the time, although PlusToken could not be withdrawn, there was still a large amount of digital currency in the chain address that had not been transferred. Among […]

Large virtual currency MLM disk PlusToken trader suspected of being arrested by the prosecution

Article source: Blue Whale Finance original title: "Large virtual currency MLM disk PlusToken trader suspected of being arrested by the prosecution" On the evening of August 16, the People's Procuratorate case information disclosure network was released, and the Yancheng Development Zone Procuratorate approved the arrest of six people including Chen Bo, who was suspected of […]

Graphic tracking PlusToken running funds, 28,500 BTC changes, one of the magical trades left eggs

On June 29th, PlusToken, the largest block of funds in the blockchain, was unable to raise coins by users. Six founding team members were arrested in Vanuatu for alleged Internet fraud. In the previous article " Graphic Tracking PlusToken Asset Transfer Tracking (1) ", PeckShield initially tracked the statistics in the BTC section with 1,203 […]

PlusToken project risk analysis: multi-layer promotion mode MLM gameplay, smart dog moving bricks and holes

PlusToken told the market a good story and drew a big pie. The cake is a good cake. The whole people participate in the trading platform to spread the price difference. Unfortunately, the profit he gives is far higher than the actual profit generated by moving bricks. The profit of less than 1% in the […]