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Inventory HyperPlotter, Lava's efficient P disk

1) There are set parameters in TP to increase the writing speed. Does HP have similar parameters? Answer: There is a buffer in HP to adjust the cache size. The default value is related to the graphics card, which is usually 2. This is 4, write speed, single disk 160M / s. Set it to […]

Opinion | Under turmoil, is hedging a Bitcoin script?

"You never know which accident or market will come first?" Maybe come together. At the beginning of the new year, when everyone was immersed in the Lunar New Year 2020 and came earlier than in previous years, Xiao Wang, who brushed his circle of friends, found that BTC suddenly rose, and once rose from 6850 […]

Speculative POC: New consensus or speculation?

Text | Kyle Edit | Sword The proof-of-capacity mechanism POC has emerged in the past two years, and many projects based on the POC consensus have emerged. They want to build a new consensus by "hard disk mining". Publicity articles for various POC projects have explained the advantages of "hard disk mining" and used the […]

Lava: Creating a Decentralized PoC Ecology

"When the miner rang, the gold was extremely good." "New blockchain technology, XX coins let you lay down and make money." "The era of blockchain 6.0 has arrived, and the high return of XX coins is not a dream" … If you have a lot of communities on WeChat, these words should be familiar. We […]

PoW will be replaced? PoC may start a new era of mining

Thanks to the consensus mechanism adopted by Bitcoin, BTC has been evaluated by many analysts as one of the most secure databases for human beings at the same time; at the same time, the high energy consumption problem caused by PoW is increasingly criticized by society. In order to reduce energy consumption and the entry […]

How to tell the story of the public chain in 2020?

What did the public chain experience in 2019? Of the 20,000 public chains, only 200 survived, with a 1% survival rate. From competing for millions of TPS, to competing with the DApp ecosystem, to the now-defensive Defi. In waves of torrents, launching the mainnet, building a developer community, and building DApps seem to have become […]

On the "chain" real economy, how does Lava do it?

"Making machines of trust." When The Economist first reported on blockchain in 2015, it was likened to it. The blockchain has established a complete set of traceable, non-modifiable decentralized distributed ledgers based on cryptographic methods, relying on a unique consensus mechanism and incentives to quickly establish trust between originally strange and full of suspicion. To […]

Lava Interpretation: Fearless Winter, Opening a New Blue Ocean of PoC

Image credit: Coinmarketcap The second half of 2019 will be a difficult year for digital currency players and project owners. As the heat of IEO gradually dissipates and various regulatory policies are introduced, the digital currency market, which has just recovered somewhat, has returned to the cold winter night. Since the big bull market in […]

Analysis: What is "double digging"? Not as simple as you think

Under the environment of high mining cost and many new projects flying together, double mining has become a trump card for many projects. In order for miners to achieve a higher profit for a mining machine, dual mining has also become a method that miners are scrambling to take. For many people, double mining or […]

Crypto Industry Watch | There is no guide to bear markets, success is not limited to the present

The nascent industry often follows this "rhyme"-from rising to falling, then from falling to rising, the cycle repeats until it reaches the peak stage, and this cycle will always go through three or more times. According to Eliot's research, the rise of things will always go through the three processes of underestimation, value discovery and […]