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Babbitt Column | PoW agreement reasonableness, PoS meets humanity

"I would rather buy land than buy bitcoin"-Buffett. The core logic of Buffett's investment is the future cash flow discounted valuation method. He is pursuing a returning asset. He can only have a return if he holds it, not a return that can be earned by buying at a low price and selling at a […]

Vitalik's latest speech: 51% of nested attacks become a deadly threat to PoW blockchain, PoS is the only way out

From February 20th to 22nd, Beijing time, the 2020 Stanford Blockchain Conference hosted by Findora was held at Stanford University. This meeting focused on security engineering and risk management methods in blockchain systems, and explored the application of encryption technology. , Decentralized protocols, formal methods, and empirical analysis to improve the security of blockchain systems. […]

In the past month, the total ecological market value of Staking has nearly doubled. Has the turning point really come?

Staking, which was once unheard of, has now ushered in a "true fragrance" moment. According to incomplete statistics, as of February 13, 2020, the total market value of global encrypted digital assets was approximately 305.8 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of approximately 58.6% compared to the data on January 1, and the total market value […]

Looking at PoS governance through Cosmos 23 (Part 1)

Author: Cao Yin Source: Three Crooked Necks Recently, Forbole, one of the Cosmos Validators, appealed to atom holders in the Cosmos WeChat group to vote against motion 23 proposed by another validator, Figment. The reason for the objection proposed by Forbole is that Figment proposed in the 23rd motion that a Governance Working Group co-ordinated […]

Ethereum's proof-of-stake mechanism: next experiment

I hope you are deeply aware that the development of blockchain technology is driven by the implications of these security models. As Nick Tomaino of the control wrote, "cryptographic economics is the basic catalyst for this whole movement." To evaluate the ability of design protocols to mitigate existing and theoretical flaws in these security models, […]

Opinion | PoS is Cheaper: Refute Paul Sztorc's "Nothing Is Cheaper Than Proof of Work" Assertion

Author: Eric Wall Translation & Proofreading: Anzai C1int & A Jian Source: Ethereum enthusiasts Editor's note: Original title was "View | PoS is Cheaper" Three months ago, I tweeted this picture with the following sentence: I heard that some people think "proof of equity is not so wasteful of energy" -EV charging pile driven by […]

DeFi cannibalize PoS security? Increase opportunity cost and reduce risk

Foreword: Previously, researchers from Dragonfly Capital published a blog "How DeFi cannibalizes the security of PoS" , explaining that high-interest-rate DeFi lending may lead to a large number of PoS or DPoS blockchain tokens being unlocked for borrowing, As a result, the security of the blockchain is reduced. This article will use this as a […]

Analyze the consensus mechanism from an economic perspective: PoW is a diesel car and PoS is an electric car

Translator's Note: The original author Eric Wall likens PoS to electric vehicles. He believes that PoS does have some advantages from an economic point of view, but he still believes that Proof-of- Work ( PoW ) is the best way for us to obtain a safety chain A robust approach is also the most reliable […]

Broker giant TD Ameritrade supports, ErisX will open bitcoin futures trading at 10pm tonight

ErisX, a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform supported by brokerage giant TD Ameritrade, plans to launch bitcoin futures trading today (10 PM, December 17, Beijing time). The New York-based company issued an announcement to investors and traders informing them about the futures offering. The details of the futures products provided so far are unclear, only knowing […]

Chip giant AMD joins blockchain game alliance to empower blockchain gaming

Cointelegraph reported on December 16 that American multinational IT company AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) has joined the Blockchain Game Alliance and has established two new partnerships to help advance blockchain technology Application in the industry. Image source: visualhunt A press release on December 12 revealed that the chip manufacturing giant is working with blockchain technology […]