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Reflecting on the dispute between the Steem community and Sun Yuchen, should DPoS be the one to blame?

The recent struggle between the Steem community and the TRON founder Justin Sun has caused a great earthquake in the cryptocurrency community. Many people also point their finger at DPoS or even PoS algorithms, and then assume that if it is PoW, it will not appear Such a thing, is that really the case? This […]

Babbitt Column | PoW agreement reasonableness, PoS meets humanity

"I would rather buy land than buy bitcoin"-Buffett. The core logic of Buffett's investment is the future cash flow discounted valuation method. He is pursuing a returning asset. He can only have a return if he holds it, not a return that can be earned by buying at a low price and selling at a […]

Why is 2020 the year of opportunity for blockchain development?

Today, the BTC network exceeds 100 exahash (EH / s) per second, and BCH is also steadily attracting hash power in the entire network. In fact, since the end of 2018, the network computing power of BTC, BCH, and BSV has improved. BTC's entire network computing power has expanded from 32EH / s to the […]

Opinion | PoS is Cheaper: Refute Paul Sztorc's "Nothing Is Cheaper Than Proof of Work" Assertion

Author: Eric Wall Translation & Proofreading: Anzai C1int & A Jian Source: Ethereum enthusiasts Editor's note: Original title was "View | PoS is Cheaper" Three months ago, I tweeted this picture with the following sentence: I heard that some people think "proof of equity is not so wasteful of energy" -EV charging pile driven by […]

How to start a blockchain fairly or unfairly?

Written by: Nic Carter, Founder of Coin Metrics, a cryptocurrency data provider Compile: Zhan Juan School Translator: Huang Peijian Source: Chain News Disclaimer: Whether personally or professionally, I am currently or in the future not interested in launching a new cryptocurrency. This article is primarily intended to be a thought experiment, not an endorsement of […]

These articles break the common N Bitcoin rumors

Recently, some Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponents wrote a series of rumour articles describing bitcoin technology that is often considered real but not factual. Articles published on the blog review topics such as 10-minute confirmation times, SPV wallets, PoW energy usage, and rising network costs. Bitcoin Rumor Buster BCH supporters have been participating in a […]

What supports Bitcoin's value?

Foreword: Some people believe that Bitcoin has no actual support. This article argues that there is only one real support for any monetary system, which is the credibility of its monetary attributes. The US dollar's support stems from its relative scarcity relative to the US dollar-denominated credit system, while Bitcoin's support comes from its credibility […]

Analyze the consensus mechanism from an economic perspective: PoW is a diesel car and PoS is an electric car

Translator's Note: The original author Eric Wall likens PoS to electric vehicles. He believes that PoS does have some advantages from an economic point of view, but he still believes that Proof-of- Work ( PoW ) is the best way for us to obtain a safety chain A robust approach is also the most reliable […]

Financial Stability Board: The latest progress of large high-tech companies entering FinTech and its potential risks

Translation: Liu Bin (Director of Financial Research Office, China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone Research Institute (Pudong Reform Institute), Part-time Researcher at China Europe International Business School) Collaborators: Zhaoyun De Source: Didi Technology Information

Director of Research Bureau of the People's Bank of China: Currency Competition in the Digital Age

Source: Sina Finance Editor's note: The original title was "Central Bank Wang Xin: Currency Competition in the Digital Age" Sina Finance News on December 17th, the 3rd China Internet Finance Forum 2019 was held in Beijing with the theme of "Financial Technology to Facilitate the Construction of Modern Financial System", and Wang Xin, Director of […]