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Nine reasons why the Lightning Network will break out in 2020

Written in front: The original author is Roy Sheinfeld, co-founder and CEO of Lightning Network client Breez. In this article, he reviews the significant progress made by Lightning Network in 2019 and proposes that this technology will be coming in 2020. Some functions implemented. The following is the translated content: Another year is about to […]

US SEC Chairman: Blockchain technology development helps promote capital formation and provides investment opportunities for investors

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) appears to be very active in the crypto industry, having previously tried several times to regulate various aspects of the industry. Recently, SEC Chairman Jay Clayton testified before a Senate committee to resolve multiple issues, including blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Source: Pixabay Many countries and mainstream companies are […]

Xinhua News Agency Review: How will blockchain affect daily life?

Source: Xinhua Perspective , the original title "The Blockchain Landing Scene Quietly Surfaced, How Will It Affect Daily Life?" 》 Author: Xinhua News Agency "Xinhua Viewpoint" reporter Wang Yang, Chen Yuxuan, Zhu Han Recently, a change has occurred in the writing habit of Chen Hongchen, an internet writer: After completing the creation of a part […]

Long Baitao Recommendation | European Financial Sovereignty in the Digital World

By Denis Beau, First Deputy Governor of the Bank of France (Caption: This article is a speech by Mr. Denis Beau, First Deputy Governor of the Bank of France (ie the Bank of France), at the meeting of the “Technology and Finance Association” in Paris .) Translation / Li Jing Proofreading / Long Baitao Reviews […]

Ethereum public chain has achieved milestone application again! Bank giant Santander successfully redeems $ 20 million in bonds

Spanish multinational banking giant Santander has just redeemed $ 20 million in bonds using the Ethereum blockchain. The company has made early repayment of blockchain-based bonds issued on September 10, 2019, which is said to indicate that the Ethereum public blockchain can be applied to securities issuance throughout the life cycle of the securities. Real […]

Analysis of the central bank's digital currency DCEP, which related companies are worth paying attention to?

Source: Huatai Computer Life Editor's Note: The original title was "Analysis of the Central Bank's Digital Currency DCEP" We believe that digital currency is another application of technology in the financial field. Moreover, at this time, the integration of IT technology with the financial business itself is more thorough . As a new thing, digital […]

Can the founders easily take half of the "decentralized scam" that raised 30 million?

Author: 0x66 Source: BlockBeats Recently, a cryptocurrency project called HEX is being promoted overseas. Richard Heart, a self-proclaimed "Bitcoin Thought Leader", has advertised the project on Twitter. The project is known as "$ 1 to buy Bitcoin", "2 The tantalizing return of more than 10,000 times in half a year "has attracted a lot of […]

Amun AG receives regulatory approval again to provide cryptocurrency ETP products in EU countries

According to The Block report on December 10, Swiss fintech company Amun AG, which has listed cryptocurrency ETP on multiple stock exchanges in Switzerland and Germany, has once again received a new regulatory approval to expand its presence in the European Union (EU) Business. (Image source: flickr ) Amun announced on Tuesday that the Swedish […]

Popular science | Amazing, how can digital currency pay offline

Author: Chen Liren Source: To Be the Girl I often see articles on digital currency writing, "It won't be long before you can use the central bank's digital currency on your mobile phone, and payments can be made" offline "without using the network and mobile phone signals. It can be done. " So magical, do […]

CCTV News: To build a new engine for high-quality development, General Secretary Xi Jinping has "numbers" in mind

Source: CCTV News Client Editor's Note: The original title was "Building a New Engine for High-Quality Development, Xi Jinping Has" Numbers "in His Heart" On December 8, 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized during the second collective study of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, promoting the implementation of the national big data […]