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The demand for cryptocurrencies may skyrocket! What else does Deutsche Bank report "Imagine 2030" imply?

Source: Shallot Blockchain Deutsche Bank report "Imagine 2030" states that as inflation rises, people are increasingly skeptical about the sustainability of government-backed currencies, which may prompt more people to buy digital assets. The report analyzes 24 alternatives over the next 10 years. Shallot will translate and organize only two of these topics. Strategist Jim Reid […]

The "Bitcoin Giant Whale" gray company continues to move in 2019, indicating that there may be great changes in 2020?

Original: a poplar Source: Vernacular Blockchain In the cold winter, with the continued sluggishness of the stock market, the hope of a warmer market and the subsequent outbreak of the entire industry are pinned on the admission of mainstream investors and institutional funds. In the market's high expectations, Grayscale Investment is undoubtedly one of the […]

Perspectives | Stateless Clients: New Trends in Ethereum 1.x

Author: Piper Merriam Translation: A Jian Source: Ethereum enthusiasts The Ethereum network, like all commons, also has many maintenance problems: the continuous expansion of state data, increasingly long synchronization time, and the popularity of the full node is getting smaller and smaller. If left unattended, these issues will pose a serious threat to the future […]

Babbitt weekly election 丨 Beijing takes the lead in piloting the "fintech supervision sandbox"; Europe and the United States appear to have divergent views on central bank digital currencies

Guide: Blockchain has set off a new industry boom in China. The Babbitt weekly election will review the major events that have changed the industry trend in the past week from the perspectives of policy supervision, editorial, project ecological implementation, technology progress, platform construction, and investment. For all blockchain entrepreneurs, Investors and users can provide […]

Bank of China releases 2020 Economic and Financial Outlook Report: Blockchain empowers the banking industry in all directions

Reporter: Lu Yuhang Source: Financial Times-China Financial News Network Editor's Note: The original title was "Multi-field Exploration, Blockchain Empowers the Banking Industry in All Directions" Editor's note: In the context of accelerating the development of blockchain technology in major countries around the world, China is accelerating its seizure of runways. With the rise of the […]

Guo Yuhang: Call on the country to pilot a special tax for bitcoin mining, and to nurture the development of blockchain technology

On December 8, the Blockchain Summit Forum hosted by the China Blockchain Application Research Center was held in Beijing. The theme of this forum is very interesting. It is called "The Prospect of the Future Popular Blockchain 2020", and you can see the wonderful expectations of the organizers. At the meeting, Guo Yuhang, Director of […]

One-week regulatory review | German law allows banks to trade cryptocurrencies, changes in Asian law

Some of the major regulatory developments in the cryptocurrency space have changed this week. Not only has Germany passed a bill allowing banks to sell and store cryptocurrencies, South Korea and Thailand are also revising laws to better regulate the crypto industry. We will also cover crypto news involving the governments of China, Japan and […]

Babbitt Column | Is Quantitative Trading in the Blockchain Really Reliable?

Editor's Note: The original title was "Quantitative Transaction on Blockchain" I. Causes A couple of days ago, my friend pulled me into a digital currency quantitative trading group. After getting up, I found out that although the current currency market is not good, the group doing quantitative trading is not idle at all. The discussion […]

Babbitt Column | A Clear Understanding of Dapp from Multiple Perspectives

The news of Binance's acquisition of DappReview has captured the hot spot of the currency circle. It may be because the currency circle is still in the early stages of development, or because it is decentralized and has no authority. The same is true for Dapps, each with its own definition. Dapp, literally means: decentralized […]

South Korea: Taxes on cryptocurrency transactions expected to start in 2020

The South Korean government is preparing to take legal measures to tax capital gains from the sale of crypto assets. Special legislation for digital asset transactions is expected to be introduced in the 2020 tax season. South Korea plans to charge cryptocurrency capital gains tax South Korea has been one of the most active cryptocurrency […]