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Inventory: major thefts of crypto exchanges in 2019

Source: Changelly, Translation: First Class (First.VIP)   6 tactics, 7 thefts, and $ 500 million in losses. How are your assets? Even the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges are not 100% immune from crypto hackers, as evidenced by the hacking incidents. I took stock of the top seven cryptocurrency hacking incidents in 2019-they not only affected […]

The Filecoin testnet based on IPFS has been launched, and a new round of opportunities is coming?

Source: Shallot Blockchain At around 2 am on December 12, the Filecoin test network, which was postponed several times, was finally launched. As the first and most important application of the IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) -based distributed storage and transmission protocol, Filecoin aims to provide strong incentives for IPFS, and is regarded as a feasible […]

Bitcoin also needs DeFi application, startups launch Bitcoin version of MakerDAO

The Bitcoin community may soon have its own DeFi platform. Based on the Bitcoin sidechain Rootstock (RSK), startup Money On Chain has launched a DeFi platform. The company is currently planning to transform into a non-profit trust, similar to MakerDAO's Maker Foundation, which is responsible for managing a lending system that locks cryptocurrency collateral. This […]

PwC Kris Kersey: Autonomous network formed by the integration of AI, Internet of Things, and blockchain is a promising future

At the EmTech China Global Emerging Technology Summit on December 13, Kris Kersey shared his views. Kris Kersey is the head of the blockchain at PwC's Emerging Technology Division, focusing on how crypto-assets and blockchain-driven ecosystems will affect business models and shared business processes across industries. He said: The integration of AI, Internet of Things, […]

Lightning Network ushers in "the most significant technological progress" in 2019, and multi-path payment is about to go online, solving the problem of large payments

"The most significant technological advancement of Lightning Network in 2019-multi-path payment-has passed interoperability tests and is about to go online. The large-scale payment problem of Lightning Network is expected to be resolved. Bitcoin development company Blockstream announced today that it is approaching one of the biggest issues currently faced by the Lightning Network, a Bitcoin […]

Galaxy Digital and XBTO participate, Bakkt Bitcoin options contract completes first block trade

Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) has just announced the completion of the first major transaction of the newly launched Bakkt Bitcoin Monthly Options Contract. According to the announcement, this Bakkt Bitcoin option was settled as a Bitcoin monthly futures contract two days before expiration. Galaxy Digital Trading and XBTO made their first transaction. A block transaction is […]

Babbitt Original | Starting domestic alliance chain, this is the best era for blockchain to help Chinese manufacturing

There is such a point of view that the real competition in science and technology is not market value, not market share, but who has mastered key technologies . In the Internet era, China is often controlled by others. This is true of Windows and Android operating systems, and even more so in the chip […]

+ Government | Government is doing these things with blockchain

Text: Huang Xueyi Produced by: Odaily Planet Daily Recently, many governments have successively introduced favorable policies, provided supporting infrastructure, and laid out industrial blockchains. While empowering other industries, government departments are also becoming "customers" of the blockchain, such as applying the blockchain to government affairs systems. As early as July 2017, Beijing issued the "Implementation […]

Observation | The story of the application layer is difficult to continue. How does the public chain live through 2020?

Since 2016, most of the public chains have been developing according to the same story template–launching the mainnet, establishing a developer community, and building DApps; but now this development route has not worked, both for investors and speculators. Tired of this logic. The picture on the left is the number of new DApps per month […]

Yao Qian: Quantum Money: An Academic Imagination

Text: Yao Qian (then general manager of China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation, former director of the Digital Currency Research Institute of the Central Bank) Source: Tsinghua Financial Review This article believes that whether quantum computing makes blockchain and digital currencies lose their development significance is not conclusive in the short term. But with the […]