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State Grid E-commerce Company established blockchain subsidiary to develop "blockchain + power"

Another national team blockchain company was established. On the 22nd, State Grid E-Commerce Co., Ltd. (referred to as “State Network E-commerce”) announced that State Grid Blockchain Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was formally inaugurated and merged into Xicheng Park of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park. Blockchain has the distinctive features of anti-counterfeiting, tamper-proof and traceable, but […]

The Grin mining machine has a 20,000 US dollar, earning thousands of dollars a day, and the Asic mining machine is about to start.

Grin's heat is the highest in early 2019, no ICO, no pre-excavation, no investors, and the "three nos" resume makes it a dazzling star. Since January 16, the price of Grin has experienced three peaks of $14.7, $13.3 and $6.4, the lowest price is $1.9, the current price is $3.2, and the market capitalization is […]

A large amount of capital has poured into the field of bitcoin mining, and the computing power has risen sharply.

In June, Bitcoin rose sharply, and the currency fund was ready to move. However, the price of the altcoin is weak and the quality projects are scarce. Therefore, the transformation of mining is becoming a new trend of the currency fund. However, mining is not an easy task. In the face of the mad rising […]

Research Report | Blockchain Power Energy Application Industry Report

Introduction to the power energy industry 1.1 Overview of the Power Energy Industry Electricity is a secondary energy source that is clean, efficient, easy to use, safe, and has the widest range of applications. It can not only be easily converted into sound, light, heat, force and electrophysical, electrochemical effects through various electrical appliances, but […]