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Bitcoin is almost 8800 US dollars, the encryption market is generally rising

The current market value of the cryptocurrency market is 265,023,702,997 US dollars, the 24-hour trading volume is 71,644,631,960 US dollars, and the bitcoin market share is 57.45%. In the past 24 hours, 18 of the top 20 cryptocurrencies in the market capitalization have risen, and 54 of the top 100 cryptocurrencies in the market capitalization […]

Bitcoin broke through $6,300, and the encryption market hit another 19-year high

The encryption market hit a new high, Bitcoin broke through $6,300, and Litecoin rose, and the cottage currency faltered. This weekend, the encryption market hit another record high. Bitcoin alone has driven the market to rise overall, and the total value of the encryption market has exceeded $190 billion for the first time since November […]

Bitcoin soared 5% to a new high in 2019, but can you continue to go on?

Bitcoin disdains bad news When the currency was hacked and lost $40 million in bitcoin, the price of BTC did not seem to collapse. Well, although the news came out, Bitcoin fell below $5,800, but it quickly began to rebound and soon broke through the $6,000 mark. The bad news ended up not being overwhelmed […]

Investment institutions: Bitcoin will climb to 100,000 US dollars, the altcoin will "dead"

Heisenberg Capital, a venture capital firm led by early credit digital currency adopters Max Keizer and Stacy Herbert, said Bitcoin's dominance will continue to grow. The company hinted that the altcoin still lacks viable use cases or lacks a reliable value proposition. "As the BTC climbs to $100,000, we believe that everything except BTC will […]

Financial experts: encryption ends in winter, bitcoin may reach $10,000 this year

Extremely optimistic financial analyst According to Clem Chambers, CEO of the stock and investment website ADVFN, the winter of encryption is over, Bitcoin may soon reach $6,000 and eventually reach $10,000. In an interview with Forbes, Chambers said that this increase is likely to be provoked by China, and the reason behind it may be […]

QKL123 Research Report | Ruibo, the leading currency for cross-border payment, can the market stand in the top three?

Abstract: At present, the secondary market activity of Ripco is relatively low compared to Bitcoin, and the price is subject to a high risk of being overestimated by the market. In the coming period, the market demand for Ripple is not as optimistic as Bitcoin and Starcoin, and it has a higher inflation risk than […]

Bo silly game restarts: Will Bitcoin hit another $20,000?

The sudden rise in prices last week seems to have been triggered by a large number of buy orders from a mysterious buyer (according to foreign media reports of $100 million), which triggered a wave of algorithmic buying because computer programs never missed a sudden order. The price soared. US Securities Regulatory Commission: Rejecting "Air […]