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Public Opinion of "House N" Fermented, Bithumb Faces Pressure to Remove Monero

South Korea's well-known cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb is under pressure to delist Monero (XMR) as the public's anger over the "room N" telegraph group incident continues to dominate the country's news headlines. According to a report by Sisa Journal, after Huobi Korea recently decided to delist XMR, this pressure is now increasing. XMR is a high-profile […]

Is the privacy feature useful? A quick overview of the usage of privacy coins and coin mixing services

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies help people regain control of their funds, and people no longer need to trust third parties. At the same time, privacy advocates are beginning to penetrate the industry. Bitcoin's ledger is publicly visible, and privacy coins and privacy protocols are very popular means to ensure the security of sensitive financial information of […]

Zcash community votes to distribute 20% of mining rewards to support developers

The Zcash community has voted for a new method of distributing network mining rewards to support the development of privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies. Based on public voting results, 20% of Zcash mining rewards will be allocated to development funds, while miners will receive 80%. The development fund will be distributed among multiple participants, Electric Coin Company will […]

Where is the wind blowing in 2020? 20 domestic and overseas institutions and big coffee forecasts in 13 dimensions

Finishing | PANews 2019 is a year of vigorous development of the blockchain, public chain facilities are gradually improved, the DeFi field is emerging, and traditional institutions have successively entered the market to make the industry gradually warmer. Time has leapt into 2020, and the new decade begins with new opportunities and challenges. PANews has […]

A review of the privacy coin developments in December 2019. The XMR, Grin, Beam, and ZEC you care about are all here

Author's message: Welcome to the first issue of the First Class Monthly Report Series. Starting from January 2020, we will launch monthly reports in the fields of privacy coins, Defi, cross-chain, DEX, cloud storage, etc., to summarize the most important progress in the past month and the most noteworthy hotspots in the coming month. The […]

Opinion: Excessive speculation that privacy coins will die

Author: Jarosław Adamowski Translator: Summer Source: Unitimes CipherTrace, a cryptocurrency intelligence and blockchain security company, believes that since the regulators have not advocated a total ban on privacy coins (such as Monero, Zcash, etc.), and these cryptocurrencies are ready to comply with the infamous Travel rules, so the death of privacy coins Guess is greatly […]

How difficult is protecting privacy? Even anonymous coins may leak your secrets

In the world of Harry Potter, when you need to stop someone from revealing your secret plan or gibberish in a duel, there is a handy spell called Mimblewimble, also known as "Tie The curse of the tongue. " This is also the name of a privacy technology for cryptocurrencies. The first currencies to use […]

Privacy Backtracking and Investment: Oligarchs are significant and future value can be expected

Source: Turbo Capital (Figure shows the five dimensions of mainstream anonymous currency) Guide   1. Privacy protection represents the ability to protect transactions and participants in a distributed network. However, at present, all kinds of digital pass transactions are only pseudonymous and not anonymous. Therefore, it is necessary to take certain measures to achieve anonymity […]

SERO co-founder Bao Wei: How does "Dark Ethereum" ignite the anonymous coin market? | Chain Node AMA

On the afternoon of June 27th, SERO co-founder and CEO Bao Wei was the guest node node ChainNode AMA. On the occasion of SERO's upcoming exchange (June 28th), he answered all questions related to Anonym (or privacy) and SERO for ChainNode users. Speaking of the technical principles of the SERO Anonymous , he said […]