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Viewing the privacy of the cryptocurrency era from the "room N incident": most cryptocurrencies in the market are not truly anonymous

Source: LongHash Editor's Note: The original title was "Privacy and Regulation in the Era of Cryptocurrency from the" House N Incident "" Room N events In 2018, high school student god god hacked personal information of underage girls through hacking programs by impersonating police officers, and then threatened to force women to shoot various sexual […]

How to choose the cryptography technology? Revisiting the Security Model of Engineering Capability Boundaries

Author: Li Haoxuan Source: Weizhong Bank Blockchain Unbreakable cryptographic algorithms are also afraid of physical attacks? Why does a physical signal leak threaten the effectiveness of privacy protection? What is the privacy protection plan about the deployment environment? How to design a privacy protection scheme in an untrusted execution environment? Here, we will continue to […]

How to choose the cryptography technology? Preliminary Study on Security Model of Theoretical Capability Boundary

Author: Li Haoxuan Source: Weizhong Bank Blockchain After the system changes, why does the privacy data leak frequently? Is the new protocol formed by free combination of cryptographic algorithms still secure? Will the privacy protection system currently deployed still be valid after 10 years? Are the cryptographic protocols more secure and more in line with […]

Interview | Weizhong Bank Blockchain Security Scientist: Strictly adhere to the privacy data red line, business innovation compliance

On March 24th, "Chain Talk" was fortunate to invite Dr. Yan Qiang, the blockchain security scientist of Weizhong Bank, as a guest chain live broadcast room. Let's discuss the topic of "strictly adhere to the red line of privacy data and business innovation compliance." Yan Qiang: ○ PhD in SMU Information Security, Winner of Best […]

Why do cryptography believe? Investigate the theory of computational difficulty behind

Author: Li Haoxuan   Source: Weizhong Bank Blockchain Why choose a cryptographic algorithm for privacy protection? What magical mathematical theories are behind cryptographic algorithms? When is 3 greater than 9? How exactly is the illusion of computational reversibility broken in mathematics? Here, we will start from the theoretical foundation of cryptographic trust and share some […]

Knowledge of privacy compliance risks? Data compliance business needs to pass nine levels

Author: Yan strong Source: Weizhong Bank Blockchain In the process of modern business development, data-driven business innovation is playing a vital role. The introduction of private data allows companies to more accurately identify potential customers, better serve target groups, and even open up new market spaces. . Of course, the blessing of evil lies. With […]

Bitcoin's privacy dilemma: can it be 100% anonymous?

"Privacy is one of the biggest issues in this new electronic age" -Andy Grove Bitcoin transactions are semi-private, not anonymous, which is an important feature. However, achieving complete anonymity with Bitcoin can be a complicated matter. Transactions recorded on the blockchain are public and are associated with only one electronic address. Image source: pixabay The […]

Data privacy black hole under the new crown epidemic: industrial crux needs to be solved by blockchain

Presumably, everyone has also experienced the situation of filling in various registration information during the epidemic prevention period. Stations, communities, companies, and even shopping malls and supermarkets will collect user names, ID numbers, mobile phone numbers, and residential addresses in the form of paper / e-forms involving privacy. data. From the author's point of view, […]

Beware of the "sequelae" of anti-epidemic, can blockchain protect personal privacy data?

Source: Interchain Pulse, the original title "Beware of the sequelae of the epidemic, the Internet Information Office is worried that the blockchain can solve it" Author: Yuan Shang "War epidemic" is a major event in China and even the world. The war between humans and viruses without smoke may have begun since the birth of […]

Data privacy dilemma: slow humanity in technology iterations

We have created and become part of the data torrent, and we are becoming more transparent. In 1993, the New Yorker published a classic comic titled "On the Internet, no one knows that you are a dog sitting in front of a computer". Everyone knows you are a dog. " The New Yorker Comic As […]