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Ethereum developers: ProgPoW is more ASIC friendly than current algorithms

According to Trustnodes reported on March 6, Kristy Leigh Minehan, the core developer of Ethereum's ProgPoW algorithm, confirmed that the ProgPoW algorithm she has been promoting is actually not as ASIC-resistant as it seems. Image source: Pixabay Minehan says: "The auditors of the security audit company Least Authority did not find this; Bob Rao, IfDefElse, […]

Why does Babbitt's weekly quotation suddenly disappear? Can the Bitcoin halving effect be fulfilled again?

Guide: Blockchain has set off a new industry boom in China. Babbitt's weekly election will review the major events that have changed the industry trend in the past week from the perspectives of policy supervision, editorial, project ecological implementation, technology progress, platform construction, and investment. For all blockchain entrepreneurs, Investors and users can provide a […]

Ethereum mining may usher in huge changes, core developers tentatively upgrade ProgPoW in July to resist ASIC miners

Ethereum core developers are working on improvements using ProgPoW, and this update makes Ethereum mining more ASIC resistant. According to the latest news, the hard fork required to complete this improvement has been tentatively scheduled for July. Image source: Pixabay Recently, Ethereum core developers reached consensus again on the implementation of ProgPoW upgrade. A hard […]

Deeply dig the cost of ASIC chip design, we asked the ProgPow core development team nine questions

Although ASIC chip design is not too advanced, it is not so easy to understand. Overview As long as it is related to the ProgPow and Ethash algorithms, there are various speculations on the hardware design and development cost of the mining machine, usually followed by an authoritative statement: please believe that the author of […]