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Depth | How to invest in blockchain infrastructure in a macro cycle?

Author | Zheng Jialiang, Research Director of HashKey Capital This article mainly elaborates our views on blockchain industry investment, especially infrastructure investment. From historical data and deductions, it can be concluded that blockchain infrastructure investment is the epitome of the macro cycle, which is affected by the global credit expansion-contraction cycle. Blockchain projects should be […]

Opinion | Will the alliance chain gradually disappear?

Source: Vernacular blockchain, the original title "Is the alliance chain really so fragrant? Either disappear or become a "vassal" of the public chain Author: Five fireball leader I don't know if you noticed it. At present, there seems to be only a "half of bitcoin" trend in the market. No one cares about sharding or […]

In 2019, 518 blockchain projects have died, and there are only 200 left on tens of thousands of public chains

Text | Ratchet Pizza Survival or destruction? This is the ultimate torture that many currency projects are facing. In 2019, 518 digital currencies were declared dead; once there were tens of thousands of public chains, there are now only about 200 left. At the same time, the funds in the currency circle from prosperity to […]

Viewpoint | The story of the public chain is not finished yet

Wen | Wang Ye Operation | Gai Yao Edit | Mandy 王 梦蝶 Production | Odaily Planet Daily (ID: o-daily) From competing for millions of TPS, to competing with the DApp ecology, to taking advantage of Staking and Defi, from 2018 to 2020, bulls and bears alternate, from blowouts to batch failures. The public chain […]

Blockchain changes 2020: start business without “bringing funds into the group”

Author: Jiang Xiaoyu Source: Carbon chain value At the end of October 2019, the blockchain was established by China's top leaders as "an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technologies", and the concept of "industrial blockchain" became hot. But strangely, the popularity of the "industry blockchain" concept did not immediately bring a corresponding investment […]

Initially in 2020, 223 questionnaires from the community will tell you the development direction of the public chain

By Zheng Yi | PANews Data Partner | Velas The concept of blockchain is hot, and the construction of the underlying infrastructure public chain system is also in full swing. With the follow-up of the application layer ecology, developers are increasingly aware of the huge impact of the performance and security of the public chain […]

Comments | There is no "prospect" for the public chain. Is it easy for the alliance chain?

Author 丨 Fuji Editor Operation 丨 One Hundred "Don't feel that the development momentum of the alliance chain is strong now, just blindly praise the alliance chain and devalue the public chain." Said Huang Butian, the founder of Yunxiang Blockchain. After the blockchain has risen to the national level in China, as many star public […]

Yao Qian: Dealing with Fintech with Supervision Technology is the Response of Blockchain Governance

Text: Yao Qian, Technology Supervision Bureau, China Securities Regulatory Commission Source: Tsinghua Financial Review Editor's Note: The original title was "Yao Qian: High-quality Development of Blockchain and Data Governance" How to develop a good blockchain is a key proposition that must be answered urgently. This article believes that it is a pragmatic strategy to start […]

The history of crypto dying 2020: On the widespread "crypto utopianism"

Author: FYJ Source: BlockBeats Editor's Note: The original title was "Encryption Extinction History 2020" "Everyone is planning A shares." After hearing this sentence, my mind seemed to be stuck. Two seconds later, I confirmed that my friend was not discussing the crypto market with me. I looked up and looked around, and the night wind […]

Objective data tells you who is the hardest core public chain in 2019?

Text, Data and Visualization | Edited by Carol | Produced by Bi Tongtong | PANews From the public chain financing boom that started in 2017, it entered the main net tide in 2018, and then the late star public chain in 2019 handed in transcripts, and middleware became popular. As the industry's infrastructure, the public […]