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BTC accelerates down to $6,800, staged bottom molding?

Author | Hash sent analysis team Past review: Bitcoin fell below the 8000 mark, can the spot be admitted? ※Review yesterday's market analysis and get more exciting content, please pay attention to the Hash faction public number (ID: hashpie)

The market is weak and volatile, beware of the risk of breaking the position

Author | Hash sent analysis team Past review: The bears continue to suppress, BTC may fall to 8,000 US dollars? ※Review yesterday's market analysis and get more exciting content, please pay attention to the Hash faction public number (ID: hashpie)

Analysis of the market: Is it a trap to pull back?

Author: talk on gold coins The market is always repeating and there is no clear trend. This kind of resistance decline is the most grind. If we are a retail investor, it is easy to cut meat in this place and cause a lot of losses. Therefore, we should still grasp the general trend. Cautiously […]

BCH appeared to be pulled up as scheduled, and there is still space available above.

Author | Hash sent analysis team

The high volatility period ends and the market enters the cooling phase

Author: talk on gold coins Sure enough, after the mainstream currency pulled a wave of rest, the currencies of some public chain projects rose wildly, and some of them nearly doubled. This is mainly because the previous volume has shrunk too much, and there will be a slight increase in capital care. The plunge, the […]

The medium-term view remains unchanged and the adjustment is not over.

Author: talk on gold coins The 6th World Internet Conference was held in Wuzhen. Liu Zhenmin, the UN Under-Secretary-General, said at the opening ceremony that the development of the Internet is changing people's lives, and new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, and Internet of Things have emerged. Technology is still in the […]

Analysis of the market on October 18: Will the curse that will fall for a long time be played again?

The market still maintains a sideways volatility trend. The long and short sides have not yet conducted a real contest. Nowadays, only the leading BNB platform of the platform currency has been on the 5-week line. Whether it can hold the 5-week line requires further observation. After all, the current trend of the 5th week […]

How to develop your own trading plan in the currency circle?

Yesterday's article analyzed the importance of the trading plan and pointed out that the correct trading process is far more than 100 times more important than a correct trading result . There are many small partners who ask: How to develop your own trading plan/system? This is a matter of benevolent seeing the wise and […]

Market Analysis: Zhongyang Line has not changed the trend direction, the market outlook is still bearish

The National Day holiday market is silent, neither short nor long, it has always been out of a sideways state. Although it seems to be a big positive line yesterday, this Yangxian line has not changed the operation of the entire market. Track, from the axis level, most of the mainstream currencies still can not […]

2019-10-3 mainstream currency market analysis: the beginning of the stream, the sun is falling, the mountain rain is coming to the wind

Quote summary The holiday is about halfway through, and the market is still very small. This is the dog's kindness to treat the leek. Please cherish! The possibility of chasing up and down is rather than stop-loss, and it is possible to earn a few copper plates with ease and low throws. Still, the holiday […]