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QKL123 market analysis | The central bank's digital currency (DC / EP) is ready to go out for a long time, and the internal test App is coming (0415)

Summary: US stocks rose sharply, but after bitcoin linkage encountered resistance, market wait-and-see sentiment gradually increased, and short-term uncertainty was greater. New progress has been made in the central bank's digital currency DC / EP. The Agricultural Bank's internal test APP is coming. The "cash version" of digital currency is paid by "touch" with a […]

Week in review: Bitcoin prices fluctuate, US stocks laugh

In the past week, the US stock market has ushered in a sharp rebound, and the crypto market, which has been criticized for its large price fluctuations, is gradually coming out of its own independent market. New crown epidemic and global market There are more and more things that Warren Buffett has not seen. The […]

QKL123 market analysis | Crypto asset license issuance, trading platform South Korea Zhao'an (0306)

Abstract: The broader market fluctuated upward, with Bitcoin standing at $ 9,000, which is expected to continue to test the pressure level in the short term. Since last year, Singapore, Germany, South Korea and other countries have begun or are preparing to issue crypto asset operating licenses. These will help crypto assets be accepted by […]

Market analysis: BTC daily power adjustment, the upswing only waits for an opportunity

BTC rose to the previous high of 8320 after the first line was blocked, adjusted above the 8200 area, entered the rhythm of shock adjustment, after yesterday's bottoming rebound, today triggered a rebound, and there is an opportunity to further form an upward trend, the short-term trend once above 8200 Stabilization is expected to continue […]

Market Analysis: Triangle shocks the tail, bitcoin is ready to force

Author | Hash sent analysis team Past review: BTC enters the vacation mode again, I wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

July 16 madman market analysis: Libra aborted the US version 94 is coming soon?

Market analysis Bitcoin: The rebound only took a day to directly attack the strong pressure of 11000. Today, after the heavy volume attack, there was a clear callback. Now the daily level has a double top and double bottom trend. If the market is weak, Bitcoin will be at 10000- 11000 continues to oscillate. If […]

Analysis of the madman market on July 11: the double-short market giant earthquake capital aspirations enhance

Market analysis Bitcoin: Today, the currency has set the minimum order amount for bitcoin transactions from 0001 to 00001. I really hope that in the lifetime of life, it can be adjusted to 00000001, so that bitcoin is really valued by "Cong". No matter how fast bitcoin falls, the madman is not flustered at all. […]

Analysis of the madman market on July 10: USDT will be destroyed after the protagonist of the coin.

Market analysis Bitcoin: Yesterday, a fan suggested it. "This market is not analyzed in addition to Bitcoin. There is no use of a bunch of useless values ​​every day." Although this is not very good, it is a fact. The newly printed USDT almost all entered Bitcoin, which means that after the USDT collapsed, only […]

Analysis of the madman market on July 8: How will the central bank's legal digital currency issue change?

Market analysis Bitcoin: Bitcoin shocks are not finished. In the fifth day of Bitcoin shock, the market has seen the dawn of making money. The mainstream currency led by ETH, ADA, TRX has risen more than 4%, and others have not kept up. The feeling of rising mode is still not determined. Many funds are […]

Morning market: encryption market continues to weaken, bitcoin risk fell below $10,000

In the past 24 hours, the cryptocurrency market has continued to weaken. After experiencing the sharp fluctuations of last week and the consolidation on the weekend, the highest value cryptocurrency bitcoin oscillated slightly to near $10,000. The market generally believes that bitcoin will be oscillated between $10,000 and $14,000 in the recent period, accumulating strength […]