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The virtual currency futures contract market has become a monster and urgently needs regulatory compliance

The emergence of the commodity futures market originated from a beautiful original intention. Although the price of goods depends on supply and demand, under the environment of asymmetric information and lack of conditions such as transportation and storage, the contradiction between excess and shortage of goods often brings huge risks to consumers and producers. This […]

The new blockchain law will enter into force in Liechtenstein

In January 2020, the new blockchain law will enter into force in Liechtenstein. Under these laws, companies and businesses will be able to mark any rights and any assets in a straightforward manner. In this way, complex solutions and explanations for the 10-year history are no longer needed. This will provide legal certainty and inevitably […]

Babbitt Watch | Why are central banks indifferent to Bitcoin, but against Libra?

Although Bitcoin has been in existence for ten years, although it has received widespread attention from regulation, no country believes that it will shake the status of its domestic currency and give it the legal status of its “encrypted assets”. In contrast, Libra, the white paper launched only three months, is still in the stage […]

Babbitt Watch | Libra Reserve has 2 major doubts, holding a new round of hearing next week

In the morning news, Facebook announced the composition of the Libra reserve currency, which accounted for 50% of the US dollar, followed by the euro (18%), the Japanese yen (14%), the British pound (11%) and the Singapore dollar (7%). “Libra is progressing faster than we think.” My colleagues sent out emotions. Indeed, reviewing Babbitt's news […]

Babbitt column | Swiss regulation of stable coins and Libra

According to the author: Switzerland is not the first country to include stable currency in regulation, but it is the first country to provide clear regulatory guidance on stable currencies and the first country to impose specific regulatory requirements on Libra projects. How Switzerland views stable coins, how to supervise Libra projects, or permits reference […]

Swiss FINMA issued a guide to the stable currency, proposing Libra to obtain the necessary conditions for payment of the license

According to a report by Cointelegraph on September 11, the Swiss Financial Market Regulatory Authority (FINMA) issued a document focusing on stable coins to complement its existing first-generation currency issuance (ICO) guidelines. (Source: flickr ) In a press release issued on September 11, the Swiss Financial Market Regulatory Authority stated that the circulation of stable […]

The central banks’ digital currency is eager to try, and the stable currency of the intermediary media will be the bull market fuse?

On August 30th, Bgain (formerly Fin-bee), a digital asset investment and management platform, held a Bgain brand launch conference in Hangzhou titled “New Era, New Asset Management, New Starting Point”, and its Digital Assets Trading Champions League ( The winning team of the first season was awarded. At the meeting, Shao Jianliang, founder of Bisheng […]

Read the text of Hong Kong's digital currency regulation

Text | Niu Niu Editor | Tong Source | PANews Recently, according to the Hong Kong media The Standard report, Wei Jianxin, executive director of the law enforcement department of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), said that SFC is focusing on ICO (initial coin offering), trading and sales of cryptocurrency. Fraud in […]