Articles of regulatory system

National Information Center Zhu Youping: The Office of the Internet Information Office is a measure to encourage the innovation chain of the blockchain to expel the bad chain.

Author's note: On March 30, 2019, the National Network Office issued the first batch of 197 domestic blockchain information service filing numbers, which indicates that the blockchain technology has taken the first step of standardization, blockchain entrepreneurship Those can do the application formally. When the market once again turned its attention to the controversial emerging […]

Research on the Institute of Information and Communication: Progress and Thinking on the Regulation and Legislation of Blockchain Technology in the United States

In addition to being applied to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, blockchains are considered to have other broad application potentials and help to operate cost-effectively and safely. In recent years, the US government has been closely watching the development of blockchain technology and has carried out pilot projects and proof of concept in various government departments. […]

South Korea blockchain regulation policy and practice

(For more details, see Deng Jianpeng, Sun Penglei: “Intermediary Chain Supervision and Compliance Response”, Mechanical Industry Press, February 2019) First, South Korea's speculation "frenzy" South Korea is an important part of the global blockchain community. Virtual currency has been very popular in Korea in recent years and reached its peak in 2017. According to relevant […]