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A hundred years of loneliness – the magical realism of the renminbi

Overview Overview Viewpoint 1 The contradiction between the subordinate status of the renminbi and the sustained growth of high economic growth and liquidity has exerted tremendous pressure on the normal operation of China's economy and macroeconomic regulation. Therefore, China has begun to work hard to make the renminbi “go out”. Viewpoint 2 Although the SDR […]

People's Daily Overseas Edition: "Digital Renminbi"

The rapid spread of mobile payments has created a whimsy of “no cash society”. China is the world's most widely used mobile payment application and one of the closest countries to “no cash society”. However, relying solely on mobile payment can not meet the changing requirements of the digital financial era, and the concept of […]

Xiao Lei: The renminbi is absent from the libra currency basket, and the purpose of the United States has been achieved.

In 2009, the world was still full of anger over the world economic and financial turmoil caused by the US subprime mortgage crisis. On the one hand, the Fed maintained ultra-low interest rates, and on the other hand began to increase the implementation of QE. As the world currency, the US dollar has many countries […]

Libra's super international currency dreams of "Scorpio", the RMB digital currency also came into being

On June 18th, just as China’s e-commerce companies were busy with the “big promotion” in the middle of the year, Libra’s official website, the cryptocurrency led by US social media giant Facebook, was officially launched, and the Libra White Paper was released. It is planned to be launched in 2020. The cryptocurrency Libra. When the […]