Articles of Risk

Mutual Gold Association: Risk Tips on Participating in Speculative Hype of Overseas Virtual Currency Trading Platforms

Source of this article: China Internet Finance Association In 2017, the People's Bank of China, together with the Central Internet Information Office and other seven departments, issued the Announcement on Preventing the Financing Risks of Token Issuance, clarifying that virtual currency transactions and ICO activities are illegal financial activities, and carried out cleanup and rectification […]

Legal Watch | Blockchain Governance: Embracing the Chain of Law and Strictly Controlling the Risk of Coins

Source: Tencent Research Institute Author: Northwestern Polytechnical University of Humanities and Economics and Law Professor Wang Yanchuan table of Contents (I) Introduce a blockchain strategic framework and actively promote the development of blockchain 1. Governments compete for the "platform" of the blockchain, hoping to occupy the commanding heights of the blockchain application 2. China advocates […]

Data Analysis | Exchange Risk, Exchange Capital Reserve and Platform Coin Valuation Geometry

Analyst | Carol Editor | Bi Tongtong | PANews The FCoin thunderstorm event caused widespread concern. In the last part of our exclusive data analysis, potential thunderstorm victims or more than 2,000 people, per capita loss or more than 25 BTC In this article PAData will further analyze the exchange's on-chain asset reserves and investor […]

Digital Currency Research Institute of the People's Bank of China: Development and Management of Blockchain Technology

Source of this article: "China Finance" No. 4 2020 Author: block chain research group, "members of the group: Gang Lu Mu Changchun Di Qing Mehsud was far Friends of money," People's Bank of China Digital Monetary Institute General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized "taking blockchain as an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technology", and […]

Demystifying the virtual currency "killing pigs" live broadcasts for a month and eight days to go all the way

"I don't stock up, don't call again!" After hanging the harassing call, Zhang Bo in Guangzhou's home seemed to be a little excited, saying: "Now I don't want to listen to these calls!" A few months ago, Zhang Bo was After answering a phone call for recommended stocks, he was stepped into the quagmire of […]

Facebook currency, "Today's headlines" can't hold back?

"CTFTT is the equity gain certificate of the byte jump (today headlines), issued by CTFEX, each CTFTT refers to the profit right of certain headlines today, and invests in CTFTT equivalent investment today." In the field of Facebook encryption, the social giant entered the cryptocurrency industry and was a positive signal for Bitcoin and the […]

North Korea, risk and bitcoin

North Korea’s constant confrontation with the United States can be traced back to decades. Then the financial sanctions were the financial sanctions imposed by the United States on North Korea in September 2005. It is the world’s first sanctions against sovereign states. The impact is far-reaching. At that time, the background was that North Korea […]

Demystifying Blockchain Funds Routines: Launching Projects to Promote Spoiled Coin Price

Whether it is a variety of “blockchain” platforms that claim to be highly profitable, or a variety of smart arbitrage tools that “make bricks to make a difference” and blockchain trading with “open and fair” You can see the moderation of the operating mechanism: a small game + drums and flowers, the ultimate goal is […]