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Ruibo completed strategic investment in the new smart contract platform, and the XRP ecosystem became more perfect.

According to Cointelegraph on November 6th, Ripple's investment department and technology incubator Xpring has completed a strategic investment in the smart contract platform Flare Networks. Image source: pixabay Join the XRP ecosystem Flare Networks reported on November 5 that it has entered into a partnership with Xpring and received an investment from Xpring, which will […]

Take Ripple Coin (XRP) as an example to understand how big the international cross-border remittance of blockchain is.

Ripple's mathematicians have completed a study and came to the conclusion that in the cross-border payment process, the use of Ripple (XRP) is 10 times more secure than fiat money, and the volatility is only It is one tenth of the legal currency. Breanne Madigan, head of Ripple's global institutional market, refuted the "unfounded criticism" […]

Ripple Q3 Quarterly: You sell less coins, you say that you are right

Author: Azuma Source: Planet Daily On October 19th, Beijing time, Ripple released the company's third-quarter market report in an abnormal manner. Previously, Ripple's practice was to publish a report on the 23rd of the following month after the end of each quarter. The most critical data in the report is that XRP sales have fallen […]

Spanish bank giant Santander expands Rippo technology adoption to create an instant “international payment corridor”

According to recent media reports, the Spanish giant Santander Group is expanding its use of Ripple technology. Image source: The bank’s executives told CoinDesk that the bank is building a “payment corridor” that allows Latin American customers to send money to the US for free immediately through One Pay FX, a mobile app that uses […]

Ripple promotes the follow-up investment plan with the world's second largest remittance company, focusing on enhancing the circulation of XRP

In June of this year, Ripple made a $30 million initial equity investment in MoneyGram, the world's second largest remittance company, and has the right to invest another $20 million in two years. Rippo is currently planning a follow-up discussion on “multiple” acquisitions and investments. According to previous investment details, the cooperation with MoneyGram is […]

MoneyGram CEO Tan Ruibo xRapid: It’s really cool to settle the currency in a few seconds!

On Friday (August 2), the 2019 second quarter results conference call, Alex Holmes, CEO of MoneyGram International, spoke about the company and Ripple. ) The relationship of cooperation. Image source: MoneyGram is one of the world's largest remittance companies and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA. MoneyGram has nearly 350,000 global agencies in more than […]

Ripple bull market transcript: XRP rose nearly 30%, daily average trading volume soared twice

Ripple released this quarterly report, and its sales and daily average trading volume have grown by leaps and bounds. But what's interesting is that Ripple is worried that his trading volume is exaggerated when the false reporting volume is widespread. On Wednesday, Ripple, the payment giant in the blockchain segment, released its second quarter report […]

With the use of a single scene, the source of limited value of the Ripple Coin (XRP), why is it the third in the market value?

If you look at the cryptocurrency market capitalization list in recent years, you will find that many "new faces" enter the top ten every year, but there are only a handful of currencies that can stay in the top ten for many years. Ripple (XRP) counts among them. one. When it comes to Ripple Coin […]

Is the XRP breakthrough soon? Ripple invests $500 million only to increase XRP use cases

According to Bitcoinist, according to Xpring executive Ethan Beard, Ripple has invested more than $500 million in less than 12 months. Xpring is a venture capital fund owned by Ripple to improve the Ripple ecosystem and create use cases around XRP. Image source: pixabay In the next few months, Beard said that Xpring will invest […]

Ruibo wants to make big moves? Plan to build xRapid entities to provide liquidity for XRP

In an interview with Jeff Roberts of Fortune magazine, Ripple CTO David Schwartz talked about the company's main goal of xRapid and the company is improving XRP. The problems faced by the market adoption rate process. He said that Ripple had difficulty convincing banks to use XRP for cross-border payments, and subsequently created xRapid. Schwartz […]