Articles of safe-haven assets

The plunging is very flustered, does the Bitcoin hedging property really disappear?

Today I mainly want to chat with you, the controversy caused by this wave of tumbling (about the controversy of Bitcoin “safe haven property”), analysis, Bitcoin hedging attributes are still not in place. 1. How did Bitcoin become a “hazard avoidance tool”? Financial markets can bring lucrative returns to investors, but financial markets are highly […]

Four central banks cut interest rates within two days, and Bitcoin “safe haven properties” received attention

In the past two days, central banks in four countries in the Asia-Pacific region have announced interest rate cuts. The “safe haven property” of Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency market capitalization, has once again attracted the attention of investors. The Bank of Thailand announced on Wednesday that it will cut its benchmark interest rate by 25 […]

Whether digital currency can become a safe-haven asset today

Core Tip: The impact of the trade war between China and the United States on the global market has intensified, and investing in digital assets is a relatively new phenomenon. Now the opportunities of the times have come, but now that the digital currency is still small in scale, the market is not mature enough, […]

Bloomberg: Bitcoin is not an ideal safe-haven asset

Bloomberg recently issued a document saying that bitcoin is unlikely to be an ideal safe-haven asset due to the intensification of the encryption market. The article said that with the chaotic effects of the trade war between China and the United States on the global market, investors are trying to find assets that are not […]

Breaking the "7" on the CNY, the BTC is rising, is it an inevitable cause and effect, or is it an accidental coincidence?

On August 5th, it was supposed to be the day when the Litecoin was halved, and LTC was robbed of bitcoin. In the morning, both offshore and onshore RMB broke “7”, Hong Kong stocks plummeted, and gold prices rose. When people wondered why the renminbi dipped, Bitcoin was leaping forward, and it was strong all […]