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The central bank’s digital currency is gradually clearing, and Shenzhen will become an innovative experimental field.

The landing of legal digital currency is accelerating. On August 21, the central bank's WeChat public account published two articles, and then talked about digital currency: one is that Vice President Fan Yifei talked about the central bank's digital currency; the other is the deputy director of the central bank's payment and settlement division, Mu […]

Who is Bitcoin and Ethereum who died first? V gods and Bitcoiner have a confrontation debate

"Forbes" issued a letter on August 27, "Ethereum is almost full, so the digital account better than Bitcoin is running out of capacity." Reported that last week, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Bu Vitalik Buterin issued the above warning. He pointed out that for some users, the cost of processing transactions using ETH may be too high. […]

Bitcoin’s average cost of holding money has reached a new high, and the market value has exceeded 100 billion US dollars for the first time.

This week, Bitcoin has won an important milestone, with its realized market value (Realized Cap) surpassing $100 billion for the first time. Many friends may not know much about the term Realized Cap, which is a metric created by Coin Metrics that calculates each bitcoin supply at the price of its most recent move. This […]

TSMC is charged with multiple infringements or affecting 7nm mining capacity

As a chip supplier to Bitcoin, TSMC is the capacity guarantee for the ant 7nm mining machine. The semiconductor industry has recently heard a lot of news. According to DeepTech, the semiconductor foundry GlobalFoundries (GF) filed several lawsuits in the US and Germany on August 26, accusing TSMC of using semiconductor technology to infringe 16 […]

Market analysis: disk fluctuations continue to shrink, and risk should be avoided at critical moments

Author | Hash sent analysis team

US SEC Chairman: Will not change securities regulations for cryptocurrencies, nor will it prevent cryptocurrency development

According to foreign media, Jay Clayton, chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), said he would not change the rules of the securities law by cryptocurrency, but would not prevent the development of cryptocurrency. (Source: Pixabay ) SEC does not change the rules On August 27th, Bloomberg published an interview with Jay Clayton. […]

The Sichuan mine was flooded and warned that the “parallel mining machine” entered the market.

This year's Fengshui miners can be said to be mixed. The good news is that the secondary market's market is picking up just in time for Sichuan's flood season, no matter which model of mining machine can be turned on as profitable. The worry is that this year's climate in Sichuan does not seem to […]

Source: "The central bank recently officially launched digital currency rumors" are inaccurate guesses

August 28 news, according to reports that "the central bank will officially launch digital currency in the next few months", close to the central bank sources responded to Sina Finance said that the above are all inaccurate guesses. In the early morning of Beijing time, the latest report released by Forbes said that according to […]

Programmer Xiao Ge told: What is the experience of all the wages only bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first and most well-known cryptocurrency to date, designed to allow people to operate independently of banks and national governments. You may have heard a lot of stories, such as early adopters making a lot of money, their bitcoin rose from a few pennies to a few thousand pounds. Still others have suffered […]

Babbitt column | Shenzhen digital currency mobile payment pilot zone prequel

On August 18, 2019, the "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Supporting the Construction of the Pioneering Zone for Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in Shenzhen" was published in full, and the fifth article "Accelerating the Construction of a Modern Industrial System" clearly stated that it supports the development of […]