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Samsung keeps cryptocurrency features in Galaxy S20 phones

Korean technology giant Samsung recently unveiled its latest Galaxy S20 series of smartphones at the Unpacked 2020 event in San Francisco. According to Samsung's new series of mobile phone information, although the new camera has received much attention, it will also improve the integrated blockchain security features introduced on the Galaxy S10 series of phones […]

Samsung SDS uses zero-knowledge proof technology to provide high-level privacy protection for its blockchain platform users

According to Cointelegraph, on November 15th, Samsung SDS, the IT arm of technology giant Samsung, has integrated QEDIT's Zero Knowledge Proof Solution (ZKP) into its blockchain products. (Source: flickr ) A press release on November 14th showed that Samsung SDS intends to provide a higher level of privacy protection for its corporate blockchain platform, Nexledger, […]

Samsung Payments works with RippleNet member Finablr to provide cross-border payment services to users

According to the Bitcoin Exchange Guide reported on October 6, South Korea's technology giant Samsung's mobile payment service – Samsung payment and payment platform and RippleNet member Finablr cooperation, will provide cross-border payment functions to users of its applications. ( Source: pixabay ) The payment platform Finablr announced the news on October 3rd, saying that […]

After Huawei and Apple, Samsung added Bitcoin to its Keystore.

On August 13, South Korean multinational Samsung (Samsung) released the company's new blockchain KeystoreSDK for developers, the latest version of which supports Bitcoin (BTC). This version of the previous Keystore only supports the ETH and ERC20 standards. Samsung quietly adds BTC support to its blockchain Keystore   Encrypted currency advocates are pleased to note that […]

Samsung smartphones quietly support Bitcoin, but only these 7 countries can use

Korean technology giant Samsung added Bitcoin support to its Blockchain Keystore SDK (software development kit). This means that in the future users will be able to use Bitcoin in their apps through the secure storage hardware of the company's devices. In addition to Bitcoin, Samsung will also support the Klaytn network. Klaytn is a blockchain […]

Samsung's blockchain ambition: from bystanders to layout people (with Samsung blockchain events)

From logistics to finance to mobile phones, South Korea's Samsung Electronics has not stopped exploring the blockchain. After experiencing a 60.36% year-on-year decline in net profit for the first quarter, Samsung Electronics’ second-quarter results remained bleak. In the second half of the year, Samsung placed its hopes of growth on the cryptocurrency mining chip. From […]

Samsung Dapp Store now offers 17 encryption apps for wallet, gaming and entertainment apps

According to Coindesk's August 5 report, Samsung added 12 encryption applications to its Blockchain Keystore. (Source: Pixabay ) In March 2019, technology giant Samsung launched the online Dapp store Blockchain Keystore, which has grown from the first four to the current seven. The first four DApps included a password wallet, a game, a social media […]

Do DApp with a smartphone, Samsung releases blockchain development kit

Samsung released a series of tools earlier today that would make it easier for developers to build decentralized applications (DApps) on their Galaxy S10 smartphones at a lower cost—only supporting the Ethereum blockchain. The move further proves that the electronics giant favors Ethereum rather than other blockchains. The new SDK (Software Development Kit) will bring […]

Samsung released a blockchain SDK based on Ethereum, and the blockchain phone is just a gimmick?

According to the latest news from News1, Samsung, a well-known mobile phone manufacturer, announced on July 9 that it will release the "Samsung Blockchain SDK" based on Ethereum's blockchain software development tool before the end of this year. It is reported that this is an Etherium-based blockchain software development kit (SDK), which other developers can […]

Samsung executives responded to the rumor of the currency: most likely the development of the electronics department, but ultimately depends on the use case

At the recent London Blockchain Expo, when Moritz von Widekind's speech ended, there was a question everyone wanted to know. That is Samsung's cryptocurrency. Image source: pixabay Von Widekind is the head of European business development and financial technology at Samsung SDS, and his presentation is actually about enterprise platform design. But as soon as […]