Articles of Scalability

Dry Goods | Security and Scalability in Commission-Based Sharded Blockchain

The purpose of this article is to analyze the tension between security and scalability in a sharded blockchain in a simple and understandable way. The paper discusses the necessity of committee-based sharding, and elaborates possible problems and trade-offs in sharding design. Scalability Dilemma of Blockchain The " scalability trilemma " theory holds that we cannot […]

Proof of validity and proof of error in Science-2 |

introduction In this paper, we will analyze and compare different Layer-2 scalability schemes from the difference between Fraud Proof and Validity Proof. We assert that, in contrast, proof of validity is fundamentally advantageous because the proof of validity scheme guarantees that only state transitions of the form will be accepted. background In recent months, proof-based […]

How does Ethereum fall into a technical dead end?

Once again, the network was congested. How was the Ethereum, the king of the public chain, which was once known as Bitcoin, break? On August 28th, Blockstream Chief Strategy Officer Samson Mow forwarded the report of Bloomberg's "USDT issuance caused the Ethereum network to be blocked, the Ethereum blockchain is almost full" and commented: "Ethereum […]

Andreas Antonopoulos: Bitcoin expansion cannot be done once and for all

Bitcoin security expert Andreas Antonopoulos has been a well-known figure in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. In a recent Bitcoin Q&A on his official YouTube channel, he said that BTC 's scalability issues will continue to exist and cannot be done once and for all. He explained that while a problem of expansion is being solved, it […]