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Bitcoin-related products become popular among millennials, surpassing Disney and Microsoft stocks

A recent report from brokerage giant Charles Schwab shows that there are more millennials holding Bitcoin-related investment products in their portfolios than those holding Netflix stock. The report released on Wednesday showed that the proportion of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) investment products held by millennials (currently between 25-39) is 1.84%, which is higher than Netflix's […]

People in the central bank: access to the “regulatory sandbox” must be licensed for Beijing 46

21st Century Business Herald Zhu Yingzi How to understand the "regulatory sandbox"? Huo Xuewen, secretary of the Party Leadership Group and director of the Beijing Financial Bureau, said that he put financial innovation in the cage of the system. On the afternoon of December 7, the Beijing Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau (hereinafter referred […]

Leopard in the tube, through these various IPFS applications, do you smell anything?

The Filecoin mainnet based on IPFS will start in March next year. It will supplement the blockchain world with storage solutions. Since then, the blockchain Baby has finally been integrated into computing, networking, and storage. It can truly be Human society has provided complete services, and Genesis is about to begin. The most important thing […]

The virtual currency futures contract market has become a monster and urgently needs regulatory compliance

The emergence of the commodity futures market originated from a beautiful original intention. Although the price of goods depends on supply and demand, under the environment of asymmetric information and lack of conditions such as transportation and storage, the contradiction between excess and shortage of goods often brings huge risks to consumers and producers. This […]

How is the development of Ethereum 2.0? Take a look at the latest progress

Author | Danny Ryan Welcome to this week's quick update of Eth2! tldr; Parity's Shasper client joins Prysmatic's Sapphire testnet (meaning Sapphire becomes the first public Eth2 multi-client testnet)! Multiple Eth2 block browsers have been launched-including and Etherscan by Bitfly ; Held the first Eth2 networking conference call to handle all aspects of networking- […]

Which Ethereum successor is strong? ——A picture to understand the blockchain

Since 2019, the market value of the blockchain operating platform industry (according to the BICS industry classification) as a percentage of the total market value of digital tokens has continued to decrease, from 20% at the beginning of the year to about 14%. The internal market value structure of the operating platform industry is relatively […]

Domestic chain reform case sharing-electronic certificate deposit based on blockchain

At present, the domestic electronic license management platform mainly relies on third-party certification agencies to establish a central database to store data, and uses a centralized database to complete the production, storage, information query, and exchange and sharing of licenses. Data access and update rights belong to state agencies and are shared by various departments. […]

Does the tea industry also need blockchain technology? Indian Tea Board says it is needed!

Source | Business Today An Indian official said that 28 companies, including well-known companies Amazon, Infosys (India's well-known IT company) and Yes Bank (India's fourth largest private bank), have carried out the intention to use the Tea Board's blockchain. Got a response. It is reported that the Indian Tea Council expressed its intention to use […]

The strongest opponent that DCEP may face in the future may not be Libra, but …

Original: Vice President Sun Source: Vernacular Blockchain Recently, the blockchain industry has a very interesting thing- Libra , which has occupied the media headlines for half a year in various ways , has suddenly become quieter in the past half month. In contrast, Facebook, the leader of the Libra Association, released a new project called […]

The EOS node's renewed conflict centralizes the characteristics of the public chain, highlighting the responsibility of

Source: Author: Changfeng Today's EOS cannot implement a beautiful separation of powers. It lacks the clear division of legislative power, executive power, and even the core constitution that is extremely unstable. Citizens of the community have become non-participant spectators, and the consensus belongs only to those who can vote. The election of supernodes has […]