Articles of Securities Pass

Is speed really important for securities-type trading?

After a long evolutionary process, speed has become one of the most critical factors in the survival of living things. If the predator can have a faster speed, it can increase his chances of survival. Similarly, predators must evolve faster and survive to fill their stomachs. It is this internal driving force of evolution that […]

Securities Pass 2.0 Agreement: Hybrid Securities Pass

As an encryption asset, a securities pass may bridge the gap between existing institutional investors and the world of encryption. The beauty of securities passes is that they can be viewed as programmable, globally tradeable expressions of existing financial products. With the evolution of securities-based certificates, we may see more encrypted securities modeled on mature […]

Broken value creation chain: the value leakage of the securities pass agreement

Creating, accumulating and exchanging value through agreements is one of the most important attributes of an encryption ecosystem. From fat protocols to thin protocols, the dynamics of encrypted networks are concentrated on the transferability of values ​​between different parties, and these dynamics also permeate components at higher levels, such as DApps. It can be said […]

Korea Exchange Bithumb enters STO field

Abstract: Bithumb, Korea's largest digital currency exchange, has teamed up with the nation's leading STO crowdfunding platform seriesOne to develop the Security Token exchange.

Towards programmability, these five agreements should be part of the securities clearing platform

The securities pass platform market seems to have a new influx of participants every week. Although there are not many securities passes available for trading in the market, we already have more than 50 platforms that are expected to be the future of encrypted securities. In theory, most platforms look very similar, adding a lot […]

What key functions are necessary to create a securities pass network?

This is the second article exploring the Securities Passage Network. In the first article , the author discussed some of the economic and technical foundations of the securities pass network. This article wants to focus on the technical building blocks of such solutions and their relevance to securities passes. In the first article we mentioned […]

Local maximal paradox: Is the securities pass permit chain not feasible?

At the moment we seem to be talking about securities passes in the public chain scenario, but this trend seems to be changing rapidly. Some startups are working on building a cryptographic securities platform for the licensing chain. These types of solutions are clearly designed to enable the infrastructure of banks and institutional investors to […]

Information Release + Programmable Disclosure Mechanism = Information Symmetry Mechanism of Securities Pass

It is often claimed in the securities clearing community that we need better projects to improve the cryptocurrency market. The author believes that this view is a bit short-sighted, because the author does not believe that the quality of the issuance of the certificate itself is sufficient to achieve marketization and liquidity in the securities […]

How does Securities Pass + Identity 设计 design an identity agreement for Securities Pass?

This article is the second article to explore the concept of identity function in securities pass. In the first article , we explored some basic identity guidelines and extended them to the world of encrypted securities. In this article, the author wants to focus on a technical model that combines some of the criteria with […]

What are the characteristics of the common identity in the securities pass and identity securities?

Identity is a key factor in distinguishing between securities passes and other blockchain agreements. In the current generation of securities pass platforms, identity is restricted to the use of "whitelists." Although whitelists implement identity-based functionality, they do not represent identity itself. With the development of the securities pass industry, identity should be developed as an […]