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Tokenized securities say it's easy, but CBDC is in trouble? What does the latest BIS report say

Original source: Yahoo! Finance , Author: Danny Nelson Compilation: Odaily Planet Daily Moni One of the most important tasks for BIS researchers, the central bank's central bank, is to plan for a better future for global payments, and they have spent a lot of time in their latest quarterly report. related question. This Basel-based financial […]

Financial giant Credit Suisse joins, Paxos launches blockchain-based securities settlement service

According to foreign media news, Paxos announced today that it has taken the lead in launching its blockchain-based securities settlement service with Credit Suisse and Instinet, large financial service providers. Source: Pixabay "Paxos settlement service" refers to itself as "the first real-time application of blockchain technology for US-listed stocks." Compared to traditional post-transaction infrastructure, licensed […]

The members of the Golden Chain Alliance have “stand on their own feet”, where is the path of the Chinese Alliance-type blockchain open source platform?

Text | Interchain Pulse · Black Pearl On February 10, the latest investor relations activity record released by China Information revealed that China Information and Tencent, Huawei and other companies have jointly created the BJB blockchain underlying open source platform, which is open to the entire financial industry. It is worth noting that the blockchain […]

CSI: The most significant application of blockchain in the securities industry is the promotion of ABS business

Author: Xiangcai Securities Co., Ltd., chairman Xu Yan Source: China Securities Journal · CSI Original link: At present, China's fintech development has entered a stage of rapid growth, and technological progress is greatly reshaping the financial services industry including securities. Each securities firm has also increased its investment in information technology, research and development, […]

Featured | Dragonfly Capital discusses three things that DeFi needs to solve next year; a blockchain year-end summary letter from Pantera

Today's content includes: 1. Dragonfly Capital talks about DeFi's need to solve these three things next year; 2. Staking, loan interest and currency: What currency can make more money? 3. Finance 2.0: a year-end summary letter from Pantera; 4. STO products (eventually) will skyrocket in 2020; 5. The dark side of the BRAVE browser (BAT). […]

Monthly Report | Cryptocurrency Financing in November: STO and IEO with stagnation of ICO

Text: Interchain Pulse · King Go Source: Interchain Pulse In November, the financing amount of IEO and STO was zero again. This is the fourth time that the STO's financing amount in the year is zero, and it is the second time that the IEO's financing amount is zero. Interchain Pulse According to statistics from […]

US SEC approved digital securities platform Securitize registered as a transfer agency

According to Coindesk, on August 21st, Securitize, a provider of blockchain token distribution technology, announced that it has registered as a securities transfer agent for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The company said the move would increase recognition. (Source: Pixabay ) Securitize will be the official manager of the record of ownership changes in […]

Gu Yanxi: Libra, a side attack on the securities industry

First, the current securities industry market structure At present, the structure of the securities market worldwide is basically the same. There are multiple stock exchanges in a securities jurisdiction. The exchange provides a matching service for securities transactions. After the completion of the securities trading order, the exchange will transfer the order to the securities […]

HKEx will start blockchain bidding

As one of the world's major exchanges, the HKEx is actively embracing the new wave of technology. “Every day, the trading volume of Hong Kong stock market has reached 1.6 million, involving a turnover of US$13 billion. The daily turnover of global stock markets is as high as US$450 billion, far exceeding the global GDP […]

Can regulations be "rolled back"? Blockchain is transforming traditional securities industry

The financial market will become a training ground for blockchain + other fields. Editor's note: This article is compiled from Data Driver Investor reports, the original author: Norbert Biedrzycki, Microsoft Services CEE (Microsoft Central Eastern Europe · Central and Eastern Europe) executives, former vice president of digital McKinsey, former Oracle consulting and business development services […]