Articles of Security Vulnerability

Detailed AirSwap Smart Contract Vulnerability: User assets can be maliciously eaten by attackers?

On September 13, 2019, the AirSwap team announced a fatal flaw in an AirSwap smart contract that could cause a user's assets to be stolen by the opponent in some cases. PeckShield security personnel independently analyzed the vulnerability. And communicated details and fixes with the AirSwap team. Overview of vulnerability impact PeckShield security personnel analyzed […]

Detailed explanation of the FundWin vulnerability system: Can the project party be suspicious of “doing evil”?

Recently, a fund project called “FairWin” was particularly eye-catching. As a result, the consumption of Ethereum network Gas continued to be highly saturated, and the utilization of Gas in a single DApp reached the Ethereum network. Nearly half of the total. However, due to the exposure of smart contract security vulnerabilities, FairWin was pushed to […]

Security Events | MyDashWallet Online Wallet User Assets Theft Details Disclosure

event On July 10, 2019, the Dimensional Security Lab ( received a credit feedback from a user claiming that he was lost while using the MyDashWallet online wallet ( Dash, which is worth millions of RMB, was analyzed by a team of technicians and users of the Dimensional Security Lab to conclude that this is […]

Be wary! Bitcoin is picking up, and three new tricks are emerging…

There is an old saying that people are afraid of famous pigs. With the recent recovery of the cryptocurrency market, the criminals who have stopped for a while have come out as demon. This time the offensives of the criminals came even more fiercely. They not only analyzed the psychology of investors, but also enhanced […]

The copy of the private key is stolen, the address transfer is anti-lost, and the data security of the blockchain C is guaranteed.

Recently, Ethereum's famous browser extension MetaMask has been exposed to security breaches, which may cause the user's Ethereum address to be unwittingly obtained by third parties such as DApp developers. We are already in safe question? Still a compromise in user experience? Analyzed in the MetaMask Privacy Leak Problem . In fact, the problem with […]