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Research Report | Blockchain in Global Trade: Revitalizing International Business in the Digital Age

The Firecoin Blockchain Application Institute and the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) released the research report "The Blockchain in Global Trade – Revitalizing International Business in the Digital Age."

How Blockchain Improves Real-Time Accounting and Credit Risk Modeling

Note: The author of the paper is Hans Byström, professor of economics at Lund University in Sweden, originally published in the Ledger 2019 Vol 4 journal. The following is the translation: Abstract: In this paper, I will discuss how blockchain can potentially affect the way credit risk is modeled and how real-time accounting using blockchain […]

The SEC issued a temporary restraining order to prevent Telegram from issuing Gram tokens

According to official sources from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the agency "takes urgent action and obtains a temporary restraining order" against two entities behind the first currency issue (ICO) of the news company Telegram's TON network, which identified Gram It is an unregistered security and cannot be sold to US investors. The […]

A paper on the role and advantages of Bitcoin in institutional portfolios

On Wednesday, investment management company VanEck released a report on the Investment Case for Bitcoin for investors. The report pointed out that Bitcoin, as a means of storing value, deserves a place in the institutional portfolio. In addition, Bitcoin has a “currency value” that has the potential to become a digital gold and can improve […]

Data Analysis: Do miners "manipulate" bitcoin prices?

The latest data shows that miners may be the driving force behind the large fluctuations in bitcoin prices. The miners had sold off before they bottomed out On October 11th, blockchain analysis firm Token Analyst released its latest analysis on social media, saying that miners selling bitcoin directly affected their price movements. This statement was […]

Viewpoint | DeFi era is coming, bitcoin dynasty will end

Former Bitcoin core developer Jeff Garzik said stable currency will push DeFi into the next era, but Bitcoin remains the most important cryptocurrency until then. Stabilizing coins and Layer 1 era Former Bitcoin core developer Jeff Garzik previously said that stable currency will push DeFi into the next era. “As far as products are concerned, […]

College student blockchain cognition survey: 23% don't know anything, 8% are holding money

“Speech, competition, donation, hackathon…” The blockchain project is very close to the university. The project side is also very interested in the strength of colleges and universities. PANews has combed the national blockchain patent and found that colleges and universities are important patents. source. Looking at the world, as early as the beginning of the […]

ConsenSys founder Joseph Lubin: Ethereum 2.0 full shard or will start in 2020

According to Trustnodes' October 10 report, Joseph Lubin, founder of Ethereum startup ConsenSys, said in a speech at the developer conference Devcon that Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 will be launched in the first quarter of 2020, while Phase 1 and Phase 2 will Launched at the same time at the end of 2020. Image source: […]

Heavy! After PayPal, five important Libra members, including Visa, MasterCard and eBay, announced their withdrawal.

According to several news media, members of the Libra Association and associations, Mercado Pago, Visa, eBay, Stripe and MasterCard have become the latest five Libra Stabilizer projects officially withdrawn from Facebook, following PayPal. the company. Mercado Pago is the payment arm of Mercado Libra, a Latin American e-commerce giant. “ We highly respect the vision […]

Defeat the dry season: Will the miners' northward move be smooth in 2019?

The core competitiveness of mining is energy. Who can find cheap energy means mastering the most core resources in the industry. In the last article, "Digging for Ten Years: Things Are Human Beings, Ideals Still Exist", the threshold of professional miners lies in the grasp of cheap electric energy, and 70% of the world's computing […]