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Explore: How DeFi Improves the Traditional Financial System

How does the blockchain stop the resurgence of the Great Recession and create a more inclusive and prosperous global economy. The cyclicality of financial markets is inevitable. When the economy struggles to keep up with the soaring asset valuations, investors are forced to re-adjust their expectations, indicating that the economy is entering a recession. In […]

Who is the biggest bitcoin holder: Nakamoto, Winklevoss brothers or "King of encryption" Barry Sylbert?

We know that there are many “whales” that have the ability to drive the cryptocurrency market. However, who is the biggest holder of Bitcoin? (Source: Unsplash ) The exchange is the largest bitcoin holder It is not surprising that the exchange is the largest bitcoin HODLers. Currently, 6.7% of Bitcoin's liquidity (about $9.8 billion) is […]

Survey: 61 dark net payment status, who is favored outside of Bitcoin

QUICK TAKE • The Block analyzed a total of 31 dark market segments, of which approximately 93% supported bitcoin transactions. • The average type of cryptocurrency supported by each dark network is approximately 2.4 • The most cryptocurrencies selected by the Darknet are: Bitcoin, Monroe and Litecoin The dark market is an e-commerce market that […]

Not surprising! The Libra Association is considering a “stepped” approach to KYC regulations

Summary: The Libra Association is considering some radical ways to reach people in certain places without banking services, including a “staircase” approach to implementing your customer (KYC) regulations. The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) stated that it is willing to work with Libra to explore the possibility of establishing a new digital identity. Libra believes […]

Circle transformation: from Goldman Sachs, Baidu sought after, to give up bitcoin payment and change to stable currency

Founded for 6 years, Circle is a well-deserved star blockchain project – known as "US version of Alipay", which has been favored by Goldman Sachs, Baidu, and Bitland. It has completed 5 rounds of financing, with a total financing of more than 250 million, and a peak valuation of 30. One hundred million U.S. dollars. […]

Defi Sport Enlightenment Project MakerDAO's ambition and brutal struggle

Bloomberg correspondent Alastair Marsh hopes to write an article to introduce the ambitions, hopes and conflicts of the definitive financial (DeFi) world to the elites of the traditional financial industry. He said that people in the DeFi world hope to rebuild the ambition of the financial services industry is both a mad dream and a […]

Babbitt Entrepreneurship + | Luck and strength blessing, how does Taraxa endorse for the blockchain + IoT?

Blockchain + supply chain, medical, gaming, Internet of Things… Blockchain + everything has become a slot in the industry. But at the same time as the Tucao blockchain +, I asked myself, have we seriously studied the application? Today's Babbitt Entrepreneurship + brings you to know the blockchain + Internet of Things (IoT) public chain […]

When the cryptocurrency market is not good, what kind of trading strategy can you use to make a profit?

No matter how good the market is, many people will worry about when to buy or sell. Some people think that replacing the assets in their hands with the top 10 will not be "too bad", but this is not the case. The author of this article, tehMoonwalkeR, sums up a trading strategy based on […]

Promoting oil coins, Venezuela has not given up: this is the only way to prevent the depreciation of income

Joselit Ramírez, head of the Venezuelan National Cryptographic Assets and Related Activities Regulatory Authority (SUNACRIP), on the radio encouraged people to use the Venezuelan government-backed encryption asset, Petro. Ramírez reminds listeners that its system, Sistema Patria, can now make simple, secure remittance payments online. Last year, the Venezuelan government became the first country in the […]

BCH develops the Cashscript language to build a specific decision-making scheme for autonomous decision-making

Software developers Rosco Kalis and Gabriel Cardona have been working on developing Cashscript, a high-level programming language for Bitcoin cash. When a language is bound to certain opcodes, a specific scheme for autonomous decision-making transactions can be constructed. When testing the functionality of Cashscript, the two engineers deployed Oracle (Prophecy), Forfeits, online betting and recurring […]