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Twitter Featured|Encryption Investors: Say the whales manipulate the big bull market in 2017, which is the performance without industry experience.

01 Scholars say that the whales manipulated the big bull market in 2017, and well-known investors retorted that they had no industry experience. Bloomberg Crypto reports that two American scholars say that Bitfinex's "big whale" (whale: super big) means that it is likely to manipulate the 2017 bull market, as their research found that every […]

DCEP vs Libra: Digital Currency Competition in the Context of Globalization

Source: TokenGazer Libra kicks off Libra's mission is to create a simple, borderless currency and financial infrastructure that serves billions of people. Libra is made up of three parts that will work together to create a more inclusive financial system: It is based on a secure, scalable and reliable blockchain; It is backed by an […]

China's 5G chain network industry summit 丨 Libra and the central bank digital currency sub-forum to see first

The China 5G Chain Network Industry Summit will be held on September 6-7, 2019 at the Ruisili Hotel in Nanjing Jiangbei New District Research and Development Park. The summit will bring together domestic and international Internet, communication, blockchain, science fiction, artificial intelligence, real economy, and other industries to deepen the integration of the same party. […]

Introduction | Briefly compare the data structure of Ethereum and Bitcoin

Introduction: Why is Ethereum a second-generation blockchain? At the end of 2017, when I started to understand the blockchain, I noticed that Ethereum was very much concerned. I always see others saying that Bitcoin is the first generation blockchain, and Ethereum is the second generation blockchain. After reading a lot of articles about the comparison […]

The Ethereum killer was born? What is Telegram's TON blockchain?

More than a month after the official release of the Telegram TON blockchain, Telegram's first cryptocurrency project will be one of the biggest threats to Ethereum to date. Image source: In recent years, many potential assassins have lined up to kill Ethereum, the world's largest smart contract zone platform, but none of them succeeded. However, […]

Talking about the Application and Future of Smart Contract

“Now everyone knows that blockchain-based smart contracts have the potential to revolutionize the way we reach agreements, execute deals and grant licenses. They change the way many industries work. So this technology can be used by ordinary citizens and small What does the company do?" Editor's note: This article is compiled from Medium, original author: […]

The investment "block dog" just collapsed in two days and collapsed 400 people and lost more than 3 million yuan.

Fujian 120,000, Guangxi 100,000, Sichuan 85,000, Jiangxi 60,000, Liaoning 38,000 … In a rights group close to 400 people, group members use the workplace and "buy dog" loss of funds as a nickname, the group call Everyone "stops losses in a timely manner and defends the rights." Recently, the blockchain has developed a pet game […]

A chain of listed companies in the blockchain business to make money behind the chain is still winter

In the cold winter of the chain, a flower appeared. On August 29, 2019, Yuanguang Co., Ltd. released the first half of the financial report. The blockchain and artificial intelligence business income was 16.259765 million yuan, accounting for 2.57% of the operating income; the same period last year, the operating income was 3.294 million yuan, […]

Market Analysis: BTC returns to 5 antennas, the rebound is about to open?

There are three major negative supply shocks that could trigger a global recession in 2020, and all of these shocks reflect some of the political factors that influence international relations. The first potential shock comes from trade friction between China and the US; the second It is the cold war that the US and China […]

IEO’s embarrassment, the era of “receiving wages” may be gone forever.

"Oh… the market is in a downturn. Recently, the standard of living has plummeted." The soldiers sighed. "Who said it is not! I have not been afraid to buy a bag recently, I can bite my teeth to buy a LV in the last few months, and I only dare to look at MK recently." […]