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ShapShift, an established exchange, announced the implementation of “zero fee”, which refers to hosted exchanges such as Coinbase.

The cryptocurrency exchange, ShapeShift, announced on Wednesday that it is rolling out zero commissions, hoping it will take the lead in hosting escrow like Coinbase and Kraken. Erik Voorhees, CEO and founder of ShapeShift, said: "The reason why cryptocurrency is important, one of its willingness is that it allows people to control their assets. But […]

Algorand 2.0 released, providing standardized asset creation, atomic transfer and smart contracts in Layer 1.

On November 21st, the Algorand Foundation officially released Algorand's next-generation protocol upgrade. Algorand v2.0 provides standardized asset creation, atomic transfer and smart contracts directly in Layer 1, allowing developers to better leverage the scalability and security of the Algorand protocol. Enterprise-scale Dapp will be able to build on this PPoS (Pure proof-of-stake) blockchain without sacrificing […]

What is the experience of buying coins, buying a house, and buying shares?

In 2017, in July, a very young coin investor flew from Beijing to Shenzhen to find me. Find me how to save my own currency. I was shocked to see the coins on his cloud account. Really rich. I taught him how to download various wallets, bitcoin wallets, Ethereum wallets, EOS's ERC20 token wallet, SC […]

Hong Kong stocks Accor Holdings plunged 98%, and the stock market's "sickle" is sometimes sharper than the currency market

On November 21, Hong Kong stocks Accor Holdings suffered a brunch. Tencent Securities market, the stock price once plunged 98.24%, fell to 0.26 Hong Kong dollars, 1 hour market value evaporated more than 45 billion Hong Kong dollars, the current total market value of the company is only 800 million Hong Kong dollars. Source of […]

An overview of encryption insurance: a huge business with an emerging valuation of billions of dollars

Source: The Green Light Translation: First Class (First.VIP)_Maggie Throughout the history of human economics, "insurance" has long existed. During the barter period, people promise to rebuild their homes for neighbors in the event of a natural disaster, and public granaries exist to protect the community from famine. In modern monetary economy, bank account insurance has […]

How to judge the degree of decentralization of a blockchain project?

Author: Lane Rettig Source: Shinji Satoshi This is the second in a series of articles on “Becoming a Key Element in a Better Blockchain”. Although decentralization is not an end in itself, it is a means of achieving many goals, including resistance review, corruption and collusion. Inclusive institutions with multiple participations; and equitable distribution of […]

The currency circle "剿匪": the fund is checked, the exchange is full, and the "catch" has just begun.

Text | Pizza Recently, the People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV and other authoritative media have focused on blockchain chaos, calling on investors to be wary of digital currency scams. Shanghai, Beijing, Dongguan, Hangzhou, Henan, Inner Mongolia and other places have been supervised by the “swords”, and the activities related to digital currency transactions are […]

Regulatory observation: the two core characteristics of the blockchain are difficult to coordinate with GDPR

Author | Paul Knight Since the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in the European Union last May, the rules of the game regarding privacy and data usage have changed. This summer, the Information Privacy Agency's Information Commissioner's Office announced that it intends to impose fines on British Airways and Marriott International for […]

Comment: Grin's problem is not privacy at all, but no one uses it.

Source of this article: block rhythm Author: 0x22 0x29 Grin, who just appeared at the beginning of this year, did not have a good year. Or, for the investors of Grin, the performance of this project known as "the next generation of bitcoin" is not as expected. The investor was just slap in the face […]

Former director of the Central Bank Financial Research Institute: Calling for the first test of digital currency in Dawan District

Source: 21st Century Business Herald Author: Pang Huawei " People's Bank is leading the world in blockchain, including digital currency. It is hoped that the digital currency issued by the People's Bank of China will be tested first in Dawan District. This will be very helpful for us to promote the internationalization of the RMB. […]