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The significance of intelligent hardware for blockchain currency: the way of digital currency payment breakout (3)

In the week after the author published the last article of the Digital Payment Trilogy, the entire blockchain industry has undergone tremendous changes. Taking the Politburo meeting as a starting point, the upper level has become more active towards the blockchain. As the first application of blockchain technology, digital currency has naturally entered the high-level […]

The frozen soil of the currency circle is rapidly thawed.

All along, the blockchain ecology has become an inseparable coin circle and chain circle that has been artificially cut, forming a completely different yin and yang world. The chain is strongly supported by the regulatory authorities, but the currency circle has always been a topic of indiscriminateness. The practitioners of the currency circle have always […]

There is a strong correlation between BTC price movements and active addresses, but not all tokens.

You may think that the most active blockchain network of tokens is also the most demanding. But is this really the case? How close is the relationship between token prices and their network activity? To find out, LongHash analyzed daily price data and address data for the top 18 tokens (excluding stable coins) on Coin […]

Exploring value from the development of Bitcoin in 11 years, the market maintains a shrinking trend

On October 31, the 11th anniversary of the Bitcoin white paper was released. Coinbase released a series of data on the development of Bitcoin in the past 11 years. Several of the data deserve our attention. These are the BTC's ability to maintain the cryptocurrency market dominance and support. The root cause of the continued […]

Interpretation of the US Economic Research Institute "Who should issue CBDC" report: ignoring the consequences of wholesale digital legal currency

Author: Cai Weide Editor's Note: The original title is “Ignoring the Consequences of Wholesale Digital Law Currency – Interpretation of the US Economic Research Institute “Who should issue CBDC” report” Guide This article "Who Should Provide CBDC" (Who Should Provide Central Bank Digital Currency?) was released by the American Economic Research Institute (AIER) on September […]

"White gloves in the dollar", Libra will meet with the central bank's digital currency

Author: Zhao Xuejiao Source: Zinc Link (ID: xinlianjie-) The contest between Libra and DCEP (Central Bank Digital Currency) has begun. On the one hand, the Libra team is working hard to speed up the development process. On the other hand, the People's Bank of China Digital Currency (DCEP) is also conducting closed-loop testing and is […]

Competing for "5G+ blockchain"! The relevant person in charge of China's three major telecom operators confirmed to attend the World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen

The 5G and blockchain are the two most exciting technologies of 2019. As a new generation of mobile communication technology, 5G will open a new era of Internet of Everything; the blockchain will not only bring a new credit model to the telecommunications industry, but also make its digital services more competitive. The great potential […]

Lava open source opens a new era of PoC ecological development

In 2009, the birth of Bitcoin, Nakamoto wanted to develop a new decentralized cash payment system, no longer need a center to book, everyone has the right to book, the entire book is completely open The concept of transparency and decentralization has also arisen. Nakamoto also published the Bitcoin project code in the community, and […]

Twitter Featured | Institutions secretly open positions, buy 250 million US dollars in cryptocurrency in the third quarter

01 Grayscale Grayscale report: investment inflows broke record in the third quarter, institutional investors increased interest According to Cointelegraph, the total inflow of grayscale in the third quarter of 2019 was 254 million US dollars (compared to the growth of 84.8 million US dollars in the second quarter), 84% of which came from institutional investors […]

12 famous people from all walks of life, why do they enter Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ruibo…

Whether it's promoting shampoo or encrypting Token, celebrities are the best ads. Given all the benefits that financial technology can offer, more and more celebrities are starting to enter the blockchain as investors and brand ambassadors. Proficient technology is a new and sexy point. If you think that non-technical people don't understand digital science, please […]