Articles of Separation

Dark Net Silk Road drug dealer pleaded guilty about this dark world, how much do you know?

On Thursday, local time, according to the US Department of Justice, the prosecutor from the Southern District of New York announced that Hugh Brian Haney had pleaded guilty. Haney was accused of money laundering in the first half of 2018, "cleaning" nearly 20 million US dollars of drug money. About eight years ago, Haney was […]

How far are we from the real DAO?

Foreword: What is DAO? DAO is the abbreviation of Distributed Autonomous Organization, which is called "Decentralized Autonomous Organization". Sometimes it is also called DAC, which is "Decentralized Autonomous Corporation". In the field of blockchain, DAO is mainly in the form of smart contracts and operates, open, transparent, avoiding human interference and management. It is a […]

From the arguments of NGC Zhu Weiyu and Dovey, talk about Cosmos

I have been studying the Nervos project in recent days and have consulted various materials and literature. Surprisingly, 1confirmation's evaluation of Nervos is so high: " This is the strongest team we have ever seen to build Layer 1 outside of Ethereum ." I can't even believe that this sentence is from the 1confirmation. 1confirmation […]

Viewpoint: Fuzzy of Business Boundary and Evolution of Blockchain Pattern

Mr. Darwin's "Theory of Evolution" has been translated into evolutionary theory. In fact, mutations in species and the retention of such changes, it is difficult to say whether this change is for the individual to evolve or degenerate. The evolution has taken place, the natural selection, the survival of the fittest. The business pattern and […]