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Shanghai takes the lead in putting crisis into action: suggestions for accelerating the construction of smart cities, including support for blockchain traceability

Source: Smart City Research Editor's note: The original title was "Shanghai Takes the Lead in Changing the Crisis: Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Smart Cities" On February 6, the China Smart Cities Forum proposed “taking epidemic prevention as an opportunity to comprehensively promote smart cities”, and advocated that governments in all regions should work […]

Shanghai Blockchain Industry and Park Development Report: Yangpu District established the first 5 billion-scale blockchain industry guidance fund, which has a good foundation for industrial development

This report was jointly released by the Zero One Think Tank & Digital Asset Research Institute Author: Yang Ya Editor's Note: The original title was "Shanghai Blockchain Industry and Park Development Report" Since 2016, Shanghai has successively introduced blockchain technology and industry-related policies. Regarding the industrial support policies for the blockchain region , Shanghai Baoshan […]

2019, I'm on the scene | Blockchain memories in five cities: history and future

"City is the container of culture. The environment of the city can promote the continuous enrichment of human civilization, and promote the continuous development of human society's symbolic symbols, behavior patterns and rules and regulations." –Lewis Mumford, American Social Philosopher In 2019, due to the convenience of work, I walked through Nanjing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Sanya, […]

Shanghai Pudong will launch a “supervisory sandbox” to create a “test field” for fintech innovation

Text: Liang Yushan Source: Mars Finance According to the Xinhua News Agency report on December 12, Wang Hua, deputy head of the Pudong New Area of ​​Shanghai, revealed that Pudong will create a "test field" of fintech innovation first trials, and with the support of the regulators, pilot a "supervisory sandbox" system. Create a sound […]

Observation | In the blockchain era, can Shanghai create "BAT"?

Writer Italo Calvino wrote in The Invisible City, “The city is a whole of many things: the whole of memory, the whole of desire, the whole of a symbol of speech… The city is like a sponge, sucking the tide of these constant memories, and then Inflated." In the context of the state's advocacy of […]