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China Mutual Fund Association: Tips on Preventing Risks of ICO and "Virtual Currency" Trading Activities in the Name of Blockchain

Source: China Mutual Fund Association On December 13th, the China Mutual Fund Association released the "Reminder on Preventing Risks of ICO and" Virtual Currency "Trading Activities in the Name of Blockchain". The full text is as follows: According to the monitoring by the financial supervision department and the China Internet Finance Association, some criminals have […]

Long Baitao Comments: Comparing the Development and Supervision of Large Chinese and German Technology Companies

Editor's note: This article is a speech by Long Baitao to the Executive Board of the Bundesbank, "Fintech and Large Technology Companies and Central Banks-Conflict of Interest or Common Mission? 》 Comment, readers can click the link to view the original text. The Bundesbank Executive Board, Burkhard Balz, gave an overview of German fintech in […]

The finale of the American drama "Silicon Valley": a crisis caused by a blockchain expansion

Author: Hu Peng, Source: A Plus Community This article tells the author's thoughts on the development of cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and AI after watching the American drama Silicon Valley. The American drama "Silicon Valley" finally ushered in the finale. After watching it, I sighed endlessly. Like all great comedy works, there is a […]

Reuters: Netherlands' largest bank to enter digital asset custody industry

Reuters reported yesterday that, according to people familiar with the matter, ABN AMRO is committed to developing technology to help customers securely store digital assets. ING is the largest bank in the Netherlands with assets of more than $ 980 billion. The source said that the escrow project is currently underway in Amsterdam and is […]

Medical data of 40 million members will be protected, Anthem, the second largest health insurance giant in the United States, uses blockchain like this

Anthem, the second largest health insurance company in the United States, plans to use blockchain technology to protect the medical data of all 40 million members in the next three years. Source: Pixabay As reported by Forbes on December 12, Anthem plans to use blockchain technology to provide patients with secure access to their medical […]

Zhu Jiaming's latest sharing: Understanding the evolution of blockchain paradigms from a futuristic perspective

It's great to let go of the delicate work at hand and make a small difference in thought. That's how I heard Mr. Zhu Jiaming's speech. The nearly 70-year-old scholar is sharper, more tolerant, and more imaginative than most young people. Maybe some of the cutting-edge ideas are not practical at the moment, but looking […]

Alliance Chain Player Consensus: Take orders, card position, live, there is still a long way to go!

On December 10, the 2019 Blockchain Innovation Application and Digital Economy Forum was held in Hangzhou. In the roundtable session on the topic "How the Blockchain Empowers the Digital Economy", Ma Qianli, Vice President of Babbitt, and Wu Sijin, the founder of Complex Beauty, Yu Zhibei, the co-founder of Yunxiang Blockchain, Li Zhe, the representative […]

Wikipedia Lightning Network Entry Critical? Bitcoin was deleted 9 years ago

December 13th news, according to a foreign media decrypt report, multiple Wikipedia managers are discussing whether to delete the entry of the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Historically, Wikipedia deleted the entry of Bitcoin in July 2010. Although recovery resumed after 6 months. (Note: Wikipedia deleted the Bitcoin page in July 2010 and resumed it again 6 […]

European Central Bank President: Suggests Digital Euro Targets to Ensure Central Bank Leadership in Digital Currency

According to Bitcoinist, European Central Bank President Christina Lagarde said at her first policy meeting that the European Central Bank should set the goals of the digital currency working group by mid-2020. (Source: Pixabay ) Digital Euro target On December 12, the ECB Council convened a meeting on benchmark interest rates and monetary policy. Afterwards, […]

Bundesbank Executive: Fintech and large tech companies and the central bank-conflict of interest or a common mission?

(Editor's note: This article's translator Long Baitao provided an exclusive review, click to read ) By Burkhard Balz Translation: Long Baitao Caption: This article is a speech delivered by Mr. Burkhard Balz, a member of the Executive Committee of the Bundesbank, the Bundesbank, on November 11, 2019, at the German Embassy in Singapore. 1 Overview […]