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Research on Layer 2 protocol review attack, Vitalik claims to synchronize 99% fault-tolerant consensus or solution

Translator's Foreword: Recently, blockchain researcher Ryuya Nakamura and others proposed a censorship attack strategy for the Layer 2 protocol. They believe that this attack is difficult to identify, and even if users recover through a soft fork, they cannot. Punish attackers without punishing honest verifiers. Other researchers from the Ethereum research community have suggested that […]

Opinion | Do n’t forget the “initial intention” of the blockchain, we have widely adopted “always”

Author Tyler Monahan is the founder and CEO of the blockchain wallet MyCrypto. Previously, she founded MyEtherWallet. She likes the fast-changing and iterative development of the blockchain field and looks forward to leading the decentralized future with easy-to-use products. Starting with a simple paper wallet generator, Taylor has expanded the scope and functional settings of […]

Zhu Jiaming: The biggest area of ​​blockchain application is finance, which will bring significant innovation to double-entry bookkeeping

Source: 01 Blockchain Author: Zhu Jiaming Editor's Note: The original title was "Zhu Jiaming:" Integration of the Internet and Fintech " "Humanity has entered the threshold of the era of computing and the digital economy. Not only the Internet, but also the blockchain has become a part of generalized infrastructure. It originated in the farming […]

Blockchain Weekly Report | Supervision Fist Attacks Virtual Coins, Canaan Technology Nasdaq Listed

PA Weekly Issue 83.11.18-11.24 Text | Editing by Zhou Wenyi | Bi Tongtong Source | PANews Summary: Beijing police recently cracked down on the illegal digital currency exchange BISS scam; Shenzhen issued a virtual currency risk alert to identify 39 illegally active companies; global asset management giant Fidelity obtained a New York State license to […]