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Getting Started with Blockchain | What is DAO?

Foreword: There are many exciting concepts on the blockchain, and DAO is one of them. Why does DAO attract so much attention? The important reason is its characteristics: unified rules for automated execution, transparency, and stakeholders can express their own interests, which represents a possible direction of organizational management. But at the same time, the […]

Business of second-hand mining machines: business of acquaintances, pits of strangers

Author: Wang tree Source: Chain Catcher Editor's Note: The original title was "The Business of Second-hand Mining Machines" Unauthorized, declined to reprint Buyers in the last second, and sellers in the next second, only miners are their unified title, and the mining machine that produces BTC is the core target of the transaction. Regardless of […]

Babbitt weekly selection 丨 Hainan hopes to become a national digital asset trading demonstration zone; Blockchain Service Network (BSN) settles in Hangzhou

Guide: Blockchain has set off a new industry boom in China. Babbitt's weekly election will review the major events that can change the industry trend in the past week from the perspectives of policy supervision, editorial, project ecological landing, technology progress, platform construction, and investment. Investors and users can provide a basis for grasping blockchain […]

Increase the number of docking exchanges and switch to new blockchains, USDT market share still leads

USDT is still the stablecoin of choice for most crypto traders. USDT is still widely used despite criticism that Tether is not fully backed by fiat currencies and banking issues with iFinex. (Source: Pixabay ) USDT market share leads More and more stablecoins are pouring into the market, but the market share of USDT remains […]

Featured | US Government Arrests Ethereum Developer Virgil Griffith; Billion Defi Market

Today's content includes: 1.U.S. government arrests Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith 2.Game of Thrones cryptocurrency version episode 3. Blockchain is not equivalent to financial market infrastructure (FMI) 4. Venezuela's paper money is worthless, so its people seek virtual gold 5. Billion Defi Market U.S. government arrests Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith The U.S. Attorney's Office in the […]