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Watch | Silicon Valley Blockchain Entrepreneurs in Epidemic

Source of this article: "Eye of the Wind" in-depth report group Author: Xue stars After the six-county district of the San Francisco Bay Area issued a "shelter-in-place", He Xiangdong (pseudonym) could not say whether it was fortunate or sad. He is an engineer of a blockchain startup in Silicon Valley. The company "will not work […]

Opinion: Bitcoin will eventually become a recognized technology banner

Original link: Author: Balaji S. Srinivasan Compilation: Share Finance Neo Bitcoin represents an explicit encoding of previously implied value in the tech world. It's not just software-it's a Schelling point and a symbol. Therefore, in the 1920s, it will become a recognized technology banner. In order to understand this statement, we need to define […]

Zhu Jiaming: Wall Street, Silicon Valley, WTO and IMF are declining, and hard technology has developed into a direct promoter

On December 20th, at the 2020 Digital Technology Annual Conference and the January One Financial New Finance Annual Conference, Zhu Jiaming, Dean and Economist of the Digital Asset Research Institute, took the title "The Decline and Inspiration of Wall Street, Silicon Valley, WTO, and IMF". Speech. The following is a compilation of speech content, organized […]

Venture Capital Fund A16z has transformed: it will provide financial support for cryptocurrency startups up to $1 billion

According to foreign media reports, the Anderson-Horowitz Fund (A16z) can now support cryptocurrency startups with up to $1 billion in funding after some recent internal adjustments. (Source: » The company's founders, Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, told Forbes that they have registered all 150 employees as financial advisors to allow them to make bigger The […]