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Ethereum plunged, it’s time to lose the illusion that Ethereum has skyrocketed again.

The retired declaration of the speculative tycoon Soros in Davos, Switzerland on January 12, 2015, said: "The history of the world economy is a series based on illusions and lies. To gain wealth, the practice is to recognize its illusion and invest in it. Then exit the game before the illusion is recognized by the […]

The highest price is $8,200! What is the logic of this round of bitcoin skyrocketing?

Investors familiar with cryptocurrency know that this type of digital asset has a highly unstable character, and the latest round of soaring may be just a temporary market. However, we still need to study the driving factors behind it. Risk aversion triggered this round of rise? Market participants speculate that the uncertainty of the global […]

Bitcoin prices began to fall after successive surges

In the past five days, bitcoin prices have risen sharply, breaking through the resistance of $ 7,000, and even broke through the resistance levels of $ 7,200 and $ 7,500. The highest point of the bitcoin price formed after the 7590 US dollars, began to fall sharply, the current bitcoin transaction price fell below the […]

Analyst: Bitcoin will return to $4,300 after skyrocketing

Soaring $1,000 last weekend Last weekend, Bitcoin showed a parabolic trend, achieving a one-time increase of $1,000 for the first time since 2017. As of the end of last week, Bitcoin performed better than most currencies and hit a resistance level slightly below $6,400. Even more daunting is that Bitcoin broke through this barrier on […]