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Baidu super chain escorted, Haidian blockchain government landing accelerated, strive for 150 scenes in October

In 2019, the state-owned holding company Zhonghai Epoch undertook the pilot project of applying Haidian District in Beijing government service blockchain technology. In 2020, the government affairs system was upgraded to "Chain i Government Affairs Platform", which expanded the scenario from 2 to 150. It is reported that the bottom of "Chain i Government Affairs […]

From 1 to 21, an article captures the role of blockchain in government reports

Text: Wang Zelong   Production: PANews The government work report is an important window for insight into the government's work trajectory and trends. The provincial and municipal two associations of the country have ended a year ago. PANews took stock of the relevant content of the blockchain in the 2020 government work report of 31 […]

Former Deputy Director of the State Network Information Office: After "New Crown Pneumonia", the blockchain will accelerate into the application implementation stage

Author: Peng Bo Source: Flag Point Education Editor's Note: The original title was "Peng Bo, former deputy director of the Cyberspace Office: What will the new crown pneumonia bring to the Internet?" Because of the "new coronary pneumonia", various places have postponed work and school hours, but this does not mean that the vacation of […]

What kind of spark can the smart city and blockchain shine?

Author: Wang Rui (Beijing News Urban Institute researcher wisdom) Source: Beijing News As a core technology, the blockchain has already entered the reality from the technical concept, and has shown great application potential in the field of smart cities, especially information sharing. On the afternoon of October 24, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central […]

Wanxiang Innovation Energy City Wang Yunwei: Building a smart city to test the token economy

At the 2nd Global Blockchain Summit in 2016, Wanxiang Group announced an investment of 200 billion yuan and joined hands with many innovative institutions to build a smart town in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, namely Wanxiang Innovation Energy City. This is a smart city driven by blockchain technology, relying on cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, […]

Nasdaq, one of the world's largest stock markets, article: "New Challenges, New Solutions – The Rise of Smart Cities"

Recently, one of the world's largest stock markets, the financial media of Nasdaq, a well-known electronic securities trading institution in the United States, invited Mr. Xiao Ziwen, chief strategic officer of Platto Cloud, to publish a signed article on the theme of “Smart City and Blockchain”. Xiao Ziwen said that smart cities have truly existed […]

Associate Professor of the Party School of Guangzhou Municipal Committee: Looking forward to the blockchain bringing new vitality to the city

The blockchain is an extremely important technological and financial innovation since the birth of the Internet. It is an innovative integrated application of many technologies, featuring data transparency, difficulty in tampering, and easy traceability. According to the scope and authority of the participants in the blockchain system, the blockchain is mainly divided into three types: […]